148Apps Review: Galactic Gunner

148Apps writes: "Galactic Gunner truly shines in the graphics and sounds department. Spectacularly cinematic levels are truly immersive, and one short cut scene at the end of the last level was so intense that I found myself on the edge of my seat. The background music perfectly suits the game, and sound effects are nice. The game is rather dependent on voice acting, and Galactic Gunner actually delivers in this regard. The voice acting proves that Galactic Gunner doesn't take itself too seriously and adds a welcome element of humor to the game. The commander, who does most of the talking, has an Australian accent and uses Australian slang, which I found pretty funny. The Trepidoids have their share of funny moments as well. I actually laughed out loud when they said in a robotic voice:"Is that all you've got" and "Trepidoids are the greatest."

While it lasts, Galactic Gunner is a supremely enjoyable game. It is short at only six levels, but with its cinematic breathtaking action, Galactic Gunner is a great buy at only $.99."

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