Gossip: Elite gets a UK Release Date ?

It looks like the UK is being pushed aside once again as the Elite is delayed for release until November?

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Andronix4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

I've been waiting to get a replacement Xbox 360.
It makes sense for me to get the 360 Elite as I want the bigger hard drive and HDMI will be nice with my HDTV that I will be getting.
But November, if true, is a long time. Almost 6 months later than USA.

djsimo4264d ago

i'm not waiting until november for the elite!! after E3 i will either get a PS3 or 360,sumtime round July,but it won't be the Elite!!

snoop_dizzle4264d ago

could this be intentionally set for when Halo 3 comes out?

gta_cb4264d ago

yeh it would be a very popular bundle :D

kewlkat0074263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

No it will not make your games look better like Sonybots , try to make you to believe, like a totally new console.

Stop WORRYING, and start SAVING for that HALO 3 bundle.

Hey Sony made you wait 6+ months for an actualy new Console.
Becasue of that, you got, well still some mediocure games, but better line-up then teh US/japan counterparts. You can purchase a Premium now and don't have to wait for games mates..plenty games coming out for the 360.

I repeat the ELITE will not make your games look better, and IPTV has not kicked of and HDMI HDTV's a lot of gamers just don't have, so your not missing much besides the great games coming out from now till NOV......

-This COMMENT pending on Gossip- ha

gta_cb4263d ago

i will only consider an elite in the future, as an upgrade or a replacement if my Premium breaks.

on my 20GB HDD i still have about 5GB free, and most of the space is taken up by game demos which to be honest i dont use anymore, due to buying some and due to some not being as good as i had hoped.
i will be getting a HDREADY (with a HDMI slot) 32" LCD tv for my birthday this month, but i heard that you cant really see the difference between component HD and HDMI unless you get a tv 37" or more, is this true?

P.S. even if it is noticable im gonna have to wait till the elite comes out in the UK anyway so... (oh and component is gonna look so much better then my SDTV anyway so im gonna be happy with what i have.