Left Handers Are Better Gamers?

Left handed people can think quicker than the rest of us and therefore make better gamers, claim Australian researchers.

Tests carried out by Neuropsychologists reveal that the brains in left handed people make connections between their left and right hemispheres quicker. This faster movement allows left handers to deal with situations where they are faced with multiple tasks, such as gaming, more efficiently.

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Malfurion3802d ago

There's no way my sister is a better gamer than me.

table3802d ago

lol for sure it's a generalisation, each individual will be different. But in the grand scheme of things there is no reason why this can't be the case, it has been proven in the past that left handers are more creative.

joydestroy3802d ago

yeah, we are typically more creative :]

D4RkNIKON3802d ago

lol yeah me too. Bubbles for you both. Gives new meaning to the title left 4 dead, Left handed frag fest!

Cenobia3802d ago

Cenobia bats left handed!

Cenobia receives 50% boost to gaming ability!

Arnon3802d ago

haha I'm left handed and I always perform better than all of my other gamer friends even when they've been playing the game a lot longer than me XD

sorceror1713802d ago

Maybe when I was a teenager. But as a leftie parent, well... I'm a target or comic relief, quite often. Give me something that takes strategy rather than twitch, though...

jcgamer3802d ago

and I'm pretty sure that I've gotten and can get PWNED by plenty of right-handed, I surely can open up a fresh can of whoop a$$ with my left hand...CHALLENGE!

lol :)

pixelsword3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Tt's hard to describe what that is like to people; but when it comes to gaming, when both sides "agree" I can be pretty good at times (not to brag). When both sides disagree, I cannot compete well against a single target because I am under-stimulated: but I can identify and eliminate multiple targets with ease. Also, for some reason, certain times my head shakes a little when playing that cracks everyone up. But it's only because I'm looking at the targets and filtering out the garbage.

Gaming patterns of people are fairly easy to me as well, by their position and movements, I can almost tell who's going to be aggressive or not, or who can handle pressure or not.

It's a weird thing, but if you're also ambidextrous and bilateral-brained, you know what I am talking about.

aaron58293802d ago

And i beat the crap out of him on just about any game he wants to play.

Yep, you guessed it, He's a lefty.

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Dorjan3802d ago

Something tells me these "researchers" were bullied for being left handed in school...

edgeofblade3802d ago

That's the first thing I thought.

It boils me that some people are still obsessed with superiority studies. As if video game sites don't already have enough socially challenged dweebs arguing over what is considered "best".

RememberThe3573802d ago

Who the hell gets bullied for being left handed? I never once had that happen to me.

Maybe their actually scientists who found something actually scientific and studied it. Then after their study, they published their findings. I'm just pissing in the wind here though.

I think your theory of them being begrudged left-handed foscientists caries much more weight.


Fyzzu3802d ago

And yet many games don't have suitable control options for left-handed players. Shame.

kissmeimgreek3802d ago

after years of playing video games ive felt like the right hand setup suits me, a lefty, fine. i dont think id do to good with an opposite controller. but that makes me think... being a lefty might be the reasn i prefer a 360 controller to a ps3 controller. or maybe i just have big hands but whatever...

aaron58293802d ago

Prefering a controler has got nothing to do with it. It's much more of acquired taste if you know what i mean...

As for me, i grew up holding the PS controller.... and now if i hold an xbox controller, i just feel the thing is heavy, bulky, and feel out of place....

I'm not saying the controller is bad... just, i'm not used to it, no matter how hard i try to like it.. i still prefer the ps controller.


glennc3802d ago

yeah it was really getting me down that every other game was coming out without southpaw control options until i bought a modded controller online with the thumbsticks swapped.

my brain is all screwed up though because i can play a 3rd person games in standard but not a 1st person shooter. yet when i try to play 3rd person in southpaw my brain decides it doesn't want to play anymore. don't even get me started on 3rd person shooters.

Redrudy3802d ago

I'm not surprised there's some difference.

mrv3213802d ago

51,000 kills on COD 4 and I'm left handed, with a 30 kill streak all I know for sure is I spend WAAY too much time on it.

DragonWarrior_43802d ago

I got right handed friends that would laugh at you with that comment

SpitFireAce853802d ago

your not that good.But come play COD:WaW since i stopped playing
COD:MWI as of Nov 08.

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The story is too old to be commented.