How AT&T Stumbled Through the iPhone 3GS Launch

Wired: Over the weekend Apple waltzed through the latest iPhone launch, while its partner AT&T tripped and stumbled like a dance-school dropout. Perhaps AT&T didn't feel the need to smooth its moves, because in three days Apple sold over a million iPhone 3GS units worldwide anyway.

But in a surprising move, Apple two weeks ago pointed the harsh spotlight of scrutiny on its partner at the Worldwide Developers Conference by announcing that multimedia messaging and tethering on the iPhone would be immediately available for customers with several international carriers - but not for AT&T customers. As if the chorus of "boos" in the audience weren't enough, AT&T soon after came under heavy fire when customers learned about an early-adoption fee - an extra $200 that iPhone 3G users would have to pay to upgrade to the latest iPhone 3GS handset.

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