Windows XP to be discontinued in early 2008

Microsoft plans to phase out OEM shipments of the older generation of Windows in order push Vista, upsetting many XP users.

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THWIP4267d ago

XP came out in late 2001, so this only makes sense. Hell, they stuck with XP a lot longer than any other OS, so whiners need to STFU. :o

Premonition4267d ago

Do us a favor and google how many users around the world use XP alone and tell them to Stfu, not everyones where your at right now.

CyberSentinel4267d ago

They will still provide XP on retail selves, not to mention support, updates, and service patches. How long do you expect to buy a "NEW" system with an "OLD" OS? If you want to use XP, you still will be able to, np.

snoop_dizzle4267d ago

well fortunetly i have a vista capable computer and its not weak. I probably would be able to run vista ultimate. But for now i'm fine with my windows xp media center.
Fortunetly my desktop still looks pretty good. Vista like i guess.

Bonsai12144267d ago

so much for "choice" eh?

overrated4267d ago

ye thanks for the choice MS

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The story is too old to be commented.