Gamasutra Interview: Derek Yu Talks Indie and The Pit of Death

Gamasutra: Derek Yu is the cultivator of TIGSource, one of the primary sources of information about the indie scene on the web and host to one of indie's best forums, bringing creators and fans together to share novel new ideas and the greatest new games.

He also happens to be a pretty talented developer, with IGF-winning underwater adventure game Aquaria, along with the fiendishly addictive and brilliant Roguelike-infused 2D platform game Spelunky as his current champion, as well as new iPhone title Diabolika. He's collaborated with the likes of Alec Holowka, now of Infinite Ammo, and he's maintained a seat on the IGF Judging panel for the last few years. You could say he knows a bit about independent games.

I talked to him about how one man can do so much, his thoughts on procedural generation, and how he felt about killing hundreds and thousands of people in his death trap/cave. Looking at Spelunky, you could be mistaken thinking he had a mind like H.H. Holmes.

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