Critical Reception: Sega/High Voltage Software's The Conduit

This week's edition of Critical Reception examines online reaction to Sega's anticipated Wii first-person shooter The Conduit, which reviews describe as "a game that controls flawlessly and looks great." The Conduit currently earns a score of 79 out of 100 at

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phantomexe3794d ago

I just spent 5 hours on the game and it kicks ass.Takeing a break to eat and take a poop.....And jump on here to share that with you all

N4g_null3794d ago

Hell even the set up lobby music rocks! So what name are you using online? I've already ran into so good players and we have two wii set up here at the house playing on wifi! Almost no problems and I think my brother is getting better right now LOL.

I think it will take me a while to best this game just because of the online competition LOL.

I love how the serve sets the teams also rather than people stacking teams.
I mean really if I go 30 kills and 11 deaths then you sort of need a team to reflect that LOL.

Well I'm jumping back on, your not mario are you because we just stormed the blue base 4 times in a row and the bouncing bullet alien gun is very fun to use on reloaders LOL.

Well let me get back to it I'm on ASE capture right now.