Analysis: Can Nintendo take 'accessibility' too far?

Leigh Alexander from Gamasutra writes:

"Nintendo is carrying this console generation on its shoulders in more ways than one. At the close of 2008, the company claimed credit for a stunning 99 percent of industry revenue for the year; a close look at NPD numbers showed that 49 percent of software units sold last year were for the Wii and DS.

But beyond keeping numbers up in the face of an economic decline, Nintendo's success has been good for the industry in numerous, less-tangible ways. Thanks to its innovative motion controls, the Wii has become the first video game console to truly proliferate in the mainstream living room, welcoming into the arms of the industry an entirely new audience that in many cases had never even played games before."

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PS360WII3792d ago

Interesting read but they are assuming people will just use the feature right away and not even try to play the game in the first place. Granted some may do that but there are many others that will probably try and try and try again at which point before frustratingly putting down the controller they'll just see how it's suppose to be done and then keep playing the game.