China to restrict online gaming hours

The Chinese Government has given online game operators until July 16 to implement software that severely restricts the amount of time children under-18 are allowed to play their games, according to the People's Daily.

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BIadestarX4267d ago

You know there is something wrong with a country when the government try to control how many hours someone plays video games. I am all for valance, but this seems to be more the job of the parents not the government. Good thing I don't live in china, I would have secret service or wherever they call it, for saying something like this. I don't know how the leader of the free world still act as if Chinal is not communist. [spit my monitor].... crap now I have to clean it up.

Neutral Gamer4266d ago

I can understand why China are doing because of the deaths that have occurred in Asian countries where certain people have been playing MMORPG's for WAY too long periods of time.

However, it should really be the parents who teach their children the problems that can occur if you use computers/TV's/consoles for too long. The Chinese government should produce adverts and similar initiatives to show children the risks.

Also, this only applies to children, when it's adults who are the ones who are at most risk. Most children can't play for 24 hours at a time because of school.