nVidia GT300 - GeForce GTX 380 yields are sub-30%

BSN: "When we ran TSMC yield story, we left you owning an explanation. Time to clear that too… why TSMC has "f***** up" yields? Because the chip "some say it doesn't exist" has disastrous yields. We refuse to be drawn into the speculation of does the GT300 exist or not, since we have enough data that would send nVidia Legal our way - but that was in the past, green guys learned better ;-)

According to our sources close to the [silicon] heart of the matter, the problem that nVidia has are yields in the 20 percentage range. You've guessed it, that is waaay [insert several "a"] too low for launching volume production and we will probably see a new revision of silicon until the yields get high enough to earn a little bit of money."

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