Kalypso Media: "Xbox 360 is better suited to our forthcoming line-up"

Yesterday Kalypso Media announced that it would enter the console market with Tropico 3 as an exclusive to the Xbox 360.

Stefan Marcinek, Global Managing Director, told Strategy Informer that Kalypso Media decided to go with the Xbox 360 over the PlayStation 3 because it believes the console is better suited to its forthcoming line-up.

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littletad3801d ago

Not these crappy developer comments again. Whoever said a unified system would be best was a genius. But capitalism would never allow it.

StanLee3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Jesus, turn your inner fanboy off. What he simply means is that they are a small, independent developer and they're going to focus on the easiest and cheapest platform development to cut production costs and minimize potential losses as this is their first foray into console development. Stop being a freaking idiot.

Anon19743801d ago

I would think given the sales data we've seen that if they were making a FPS they would have a better chance on the 360. We've seen time and time again even mediocre shooters are snapped up by 360 fans. Strategy games...not so much.

You know, I just checked a few titles to refresh my memory and it looks like strategy games have done equally as bad on both consoles. I guess you might as well go with the 360's easier to develop on and there's more of them out there.

Still, you wouldn't think a strategy game would be that difficult to port compared to other genre's. Wouldn't it be worth the extra effort to port it over just to have another 23 million potential customers to sell to? Mind you, I'm not in the position to make that call.

littletad3801d ago

My inner fanboy? Do you even know what my comment was referring to? The fact is, I think many of us are fed up with exclusivity and the reasons as to why certain developers make their games for a specific. I own both systems, so why am I complaining? Because I think it would be best if both systems got an equal share of the same game. Why? Because it divides the fanboys from simply being what we all once were. Gamers. So next time stop and read between the lines of my comment if your going to bother commenting and proclaiming me a fanboy.

ry-guy3801d ago

Competition breeds better products.

A singular console would stagnant the world.

What incentive would there be to bring new integrations and evolve your product if there was no competition.

The moment there is a single console market, you will see a new console to compete within the next 6 months to 2 years.

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SpoonyRedMage3801d ago

Ahh, that's understandable. The 360's nearly identical to PCs so it's an obvious choice for a PC developer stepping into the console business.

ExgamerLegends23801d ago

so then the 360 isnt better suited for their line up, it's better suited for their programming talents.

-MD-3801d ago

"so then the 360 isnt better suited for their line up"

Translation: 360 is easy to develop for and our best bet to sell as many copies as possible.

Trollimite3801d ago

i think he means that there is a slight lack of games coming out on the 360 "THE MONENT", and an exclusive game with no competition will always sell better!

if i was a developer i wouldnt want my game to go head to head with uncharted or god of war 3, in fact i would be stupid to try to release a game during those release windows.

poindat3801d ago

But it isn't a PC. I really don't see the point in putting Tropico on a console. Look at how well Rollercoaster Tycoon and The Sims worked out on consoles.

Tropico has been and will be a PC game first and foremost.

-MD-3801d ago

Now that you bring that up I really really really wish they could make a good Roller Coaster Tycoon console game.

LazyDevs3801d ago

You say the same thing twice, but just re-phrasing it a different way makes you sound like a fanboy.

SprSynJn3801d ago

"Translation: 360 is easy to develop for and our best bet to sell as many copies as possible."

If that was the case, they would be developing it for the Wii and/or DS.

ExgamerLegends23801d ago

@ lazydev.

I wasnt bagging on whoever is making this game. In fact the only word I used to describe them was 'talent'. Please leave your paranoia in the section to your right.

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Foxgod3801d ago

And tropico is one of the more popular series in this genre as well :)

Greysturm3801d ago

Simcity 4 was the end of popular in the genre. After that all other titles have been niche at best, tropico is one of those. It has a fanbase in europe but the gaming world wouldnt notice its absece. Someone should convince Maxis to make simcity 5 that would be a huge announcement.

JamieReleases3801d ago

Not sure how the controls will work out, have to wait and see.

paracardium3801d ago

What a big loss to the PS3 community :( lol

-MD-3801d ago

Sorry you don't get to play it?

Baka-akaB3801d ago

Well truth be told , seriously .. would you even play it ?

LazyDevs3801d ago

Boohoo, does he need a tissue.

Foxgod3801d ago

Actually, it is a big loss, because games like Tropico sells a lot of copies, and has been a popular series on the pc.

poopface13801d ago


I most likely wont play it, doesnt mean someone else wont tho.

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