Demigod goes 1.1 today, Wardell pledges "long-term love and care"

Stardock Games and their pals Gas Powered Games won't be abandoning Demigod, they've got lots of plans yet to hatch, like a "really cool modding system".

Demigod get's its 1.1 patch today with things like updated AI, reduced reward from offing angels and priests, some Heart of life nerfing and many others. GPG have burnt "midnight oil".

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kittoo3794d ago

Even though Demigod wasn't a success initially, they are not abandoning it. But rather are trying are trying to improve it and support the community. They did not even put any DRM in it.
Stardock are awesome, support them.

Nihilism3794d ago

it actually sold pretty well in the end, i don't remember specific figures but i think it was like 200,000 sales....that was probably including impulse and steam downloads etc

TheIneffableBob3794d ago

Demigod isn't on Steam since Stardock uses their own Impulse system, so that makes it even more impressive.