Sony will "never do away with retail", says Phil Harrison

Although Sony has a real love for all things digital; including distribution, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison has dismissed suggestions that the company could make a move away from traditional retail channels in the future.

During a round table discussion with 'semi-official' blog ThreeSpeech he was asked how long until Sony does away with retail.

His response was; "Never - we're not going to do away with retail. But a game that somebody buys at retail is the beginning of our relationship with the customer, not the end," he continued. "I think retailers will be as important to the games industry going forwards as they are today."

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Violater4260d ago

This will come back to bite him in 2099

sak5004260d ago

or when he gets thrown out of Sony, when he accidently bites Sony's d!ck while talking out of his a$$..

ITR4260d ago

I would say by 2020-2025.

By then we'll see:

VR Wii
Xbox 1080

BubblesDAVERAGE4260d ago

Wat are u guys talking about...retail is needed for people like me who want to own the game in there hand....Losers(one bubbleowonerright)

BoneMagnus4260d ago

You will tap into a HUGE server where your save game exists along with all the content. You will not even download the game. - It will be streamed. This is my theory - which is likely wrong, but I'm sticking to it.

VirtualGamer4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

You think they are going to sell the hardware and not get a cut of the software sales? Also just because some may choose to download the software does not mean everyone will. Some like to have a physical copy of the game or movie on disc. SOE has been using digital distribution for years now but they still release at retail as well. They even give gamers virtual items that can be used in game if they buy at retail something not offered via digital download.

Just because a new service is made available does not mean everyone will suddenly abandon the old way. A good example of this is debit cards. I use mine all the time and hardly ever use cash. Other people still prefer to use cash. This has been available for years and yet some people still prefer the old way and all Sony is saying is they will continue to offer their products at retail.

Another example is retail was going to go online. No one would ever shop retail. Remember the big internet commerce bubble that burst losing investors hundreds of millions of dollars? I mean why fight the trafic and the people just to buy stuff, when you could sit at home and just order online and have it delivered to your door. What could be eaiser right? Yet retail is still going strong inspite of people having the option to shop online.

Having said all this that does not mean over time things will not change but for now and that's all Phil Harrison can speak to is Sony has no plans to do away with retail and most likely never will.

eclipsegryph4260d ago

I can't believe that we're even talking about the POSSIBILITY of removing physical sales of games.

That's just a scary and disgusting thought.

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