Max Payne 3 Fact Sheet

ZKG writes "Yesterday we got our first look at some brand new screens from Max Payne 3 and today we have a fact sheet, its short but more than we have had up until now. So if you haven't read the July issue of GameInformer, check it out."

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ironwolf7773797d ago

Junkies usually get a lot skinnier over time - Max should have completely dissolved by this point.
The game could be awesome, sounds like the Denzel movie 'Man On Fire'

evildeli3797d ago

Couldn't they at least make Max Payne look like remotely like he did from MP2? This just looks like they picked someone off the streets and called him Max instead.

Hellsvacancy3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I think the reason y people r not takin 2 kindly 2 the new Max Payne look is coz all the screen-shots released hav been in the day-time where as the older games where pretty much always in the dark

Wait until u c sum screens/footage of the "new" Max Payne divin through the air with a couple of Uzis in his hands then u may start 2 warm 2 the game

Im all 4 it

Christopher3797d ago

My main issue so far has been the heavy focus on dual wielding. In all but one screenshot in the Game Informer article he's dual wielding either two pistols or a pistol and a shotgun, and in that one screenshot he holsters his pistol to use the shotgun one-handed.

It seems their gimmick will be to mix up your gameplay by dual wielding weapons of various types without any weapon carrying otherwise. I worry about when they create gimmicks like this in these type of games.

thatruth20063797d ago

I am really intrigued about this Max Payne is that he is so much more rugged than before. Rockstar really is taking a chance without reinventing the series like this, but that's what I love about them they aren't afraid to push the limits and to take a character out of his element and in Sal Paulo is much different then than the dark streets of NY, I like this new direction personally.

LightofDarkness3797d ago

I think this is a terrible idea. A great deal of the game's charm came from it's film-noir stylings and dark setting. Now, it's all bright colours and palm trees, and Max has gone from a believable looking cop to a muscle-bound ex-green-beret commando type. This isn't Max Payne. This used to be a fairly original IP, now it's become just another generic duck 'n cover third person shooter set in a tropical setting. Just utterly... generic. I doubt any real Max fans want this.

evildeli3797d ago

I'm a huge fan of Max Payne and this isn't a Max Payne game. This looks like a cross between Uncharted and Splinter Cell. The backdrop of New York at night was what really pushed the feel of the game and yet he's in some [email protected] hole of a place in daytime instead. I'm pretty disappointed. I want my Max Payne back.

PS360WII3797d ago

I agree. Specially about the transformation "believable looking cop to a muscle-bound ex-green-beret commando type" sure 12 years have past but from the fact sheet he still has those omens and that kind of a man would have a hard time becoming a body builder.

RowSand3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

you ever wonder how the next gen max payne looks like ? well BAM!! there it is.

Dead_Cell3797d ago

Although I don't think they could make a game even half as good as that film.

Christopher3797d ago

Original or Denzel remake? I actually enjoyed both.

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