Sony Stock Rises to Highest in Five Years

Sony may be a bit battered and bruised as of late, but the company's financial situation could certainly be a whole lot worse, as BBC News reports that Sony's stock reached a five-year high today, after Japanese newspaper Nikkei business daily published a report that Sony profits could increase 'sixfold' during 2007. Buy, buy, buy!
The report does note the launch of the PS3 will put a large hole in Sony's finances, but strong sales of LCD televisions in the US and Europe have been encouraging.

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CAPS LOCK4265d ago

its good to know that the ps3 is not affecting them as much as we thought . but it surprising to me, because they had a bad year last year with exploding laptop batteries.

kewlkat0074265d ago

Sony's TV's are pretty good. Companies like Samsung and out of nowhere LG is giving them a run for their money. Then again the exploding laptop batteries suits have yet to begun. Anyhow stocks will go up and down, it's never a sure sign. Sh!t can bomb the next day.

Rooted_Dust4265d ago

Does anyone remember Goldstar? They made the crappiest appliances known to man. Do you know what LG stands for?...Little Goldstar. If you call crap anthing else, it's still crap isn't it. I wouldn't worry about them as competition.

PS3n3604265d ago

Samsung actually owns 50% plus one share of Sony's LCD division. Samsung LCD's are actually better than the Sony LCD's since Samsung is keeping the latest tech for themselves and marketing a different line under sony. Sony initially turned away from lcd and thought plasma would rule the world then learned too late that plasma sucks and were behind the competition on LCD development. I only know this cause before I bought my LCD i researched the crap outta it and Samsung makes the best gaming LCD's with game mode that overclocks the video processor for reduced response time needed for games. The strangest thing about all this is that samsung is partnered up with MS for all their game kiosks. Weirdness ensues. My Sony 7.1 receiver kicks some ass though.

Nervsys4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

Considering how much Sony are losing on each box, perhaps the weak PS3 sales are a godsend for the shareholders. ;-)

End1ess4265d ago

have been flying off the shelves at best buy (i work in home theater). perhaps this new oled thing will boost their wallets too. FYI, don't EVER buy a sony dlp unless you have a hookup, those things get marked up ridiculously.

a 2,435 dollar tv came down to 1899 for me, rip off for consumers? Yes.

TheGoodMART4265d ago

Sony is going to make more then a billion from spider man 3 because they made like almost a billion last time with spider man 2

VirtualGamer4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

I just download the trailer from the PSN and omg that is going to be an amazing movie. From the trailer I would go as far as saying the best yet. Definately going to have to pick that up on Blu-Ray when it comes out!

Ontopic - Glad to see Sony doing so well. Kind of puts a chink in the doomsayers armor.

BIadestarX4265d ago

Sony <> PS3. Sony makes lots of money on those HD TVs and other electronic devices such as cameras. I video and digital camera are both Sony.

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