Diehard GameFAN: Gunstar Heroes Review

In short, there is a reason why Gunstar Heroes is so highly regarded as after almost 16 years, the game play is just as solid as it was when it released in 1993. Whether or not players of today will be impressed by the game's presentation is debatable, however, the game pushed the Sega Genesis hardware when it was released and Backbone Entertainment has done a fine job porting the original product over to the Xbox 360. Some players might not buy into the short time it takes to blast through the game and the achievements are mapped pretty lazily, but, overall, Gunstar Heroes is definitely one of the better 400 Microsoft Point offerings on the Arcade service and debatably the best.

Action and arcade shooting fans have no excuse not to own this classic title and anyone who wants to see how to properly develop an arcade-style run 'n' gun or Sega Genesis game should hop on for a satisfying ride.

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