Monster Hunter Freedom Unite available as download at launch

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite releases for the PSP on June 26th as both a UMD and download.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is out for the PSP on Friday June 26th and European gamers will either be able to purchase the game disc, or download the complete version from the PlayStation Store. Capcom are certainly ready to support the UMD-less PSP Go.

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Chris3993803d ago

I'll be picking this up Friday for sure, if that's the case.

ThanatosDMC3803d ago

I've all ready spent 300+ hrs on 2G (jap ver of Unite)... give me MH3 on PSP!

Killed every G-rank monsters 1 on 1 except Teostra and big ones cuz they have too much life for one hunter. (Loa, Crab, Red Fata).

Idree3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Then i hope you bought the game.

Capcom deserves some support, at least buy the western version then.

So the they might consider releasing more Monster Hunter games over here.

I imported 2nd G and pre-ordered Freedom Unite :)

Can't wait to pick it up the 26th!

ThanatosDMC3798d ago

I imported 2G. But i dont see any reason to get Unite since i bought 2G all ready, and i cant convert my save file to NA version.

I cant wait for MH3... but i dont want it for the Wii.

Gun_Senshi3803d ago

See you online on Ad Hoc Party!

Keith Olbermann3803d ago

cant get the damn thing to run on my 60gb ps3.

Myst3803d ago

Connected it to the router or cable modem? Also did you accept the EULA (I think it's titled that.) As well as synced it with your PSP?

Chris3993803d ago

And does it work as intended?

I'll do it this afternoon, if that's the case.

Myst3803d ago

Yeah, I have it and have had it for at least five months now I think? Or maybe four, it's a really effective program especially for games like Monster Hunter, it also worked really well for Phantasy Star Online.

snakebite363803d ago

Whats this Ad Hoc Party thing? You download it off Jpn psn onto your ps3, then transfer it to your psp and you can play online?

Myst3803d ago

Ad-hoc party is basically a program for the Playstation 3 that will make the Playstation 3 act as a tunneling device for the ad-hoc feature of the PSP. Once hooked up to a cable modem or a router. So basically it makes it so you can play with others via ad-hoc rather than having to walk or drive to someone's house to play. Really useful if you don't have a lot of people playing the game you play around you.

Idree3803d ago

And for the people who use Xlink Kai ;p

See you there!

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sirbigam3803d ago

I about to play this bad boy in a bit, see yu guys online.

drdre743803d ago

Whats different about this game? I started playing it and i'll be damned if i didnt feel like I've already played this game. The intro is the same and it starts off the same as the last one.

wazzim3803d ago

WTH did you even play the game? It's the ultimate monster hunter.

ThanatosDMC3803d ago

Maybe you played Monster Hunter Portable 2 G? 2G is just the Japanese version.

Myst3803d ago

I think what he's talking about is that their is pretty much no noticable change between the towns from Unite and Freedom 2. Though after wandering about a bit you can tell that their are a few aesthetic changes. Such as:

Pokke Farm:
+When you are doing any sort of activity especially for mining instead of having the button (Square) continue to be visible at the top right. It will stop appearing after you have maxed out the number of hits you can make to the wall.

+The bug tree also makes a sound now whenever you hit it, though I may have missed it in Freedom 2 I just now noticed it in Unite.

+The box is much bigger now, when I left Freedom 2 I was at 6 spaces, after transfering over to Unite I found that I had 8.

+Things now stack up to 99 and for gunners this is pretty much the most single-handedly best thing they could do *Evil gleam in the eye with a grin*

+You can now combine in the box.

+You also get Felynes and it's pretty much an RPG element where you can make them learn skills and sorts, such as making them have a demon flute, health flute, an elemental attack or what not.

+Self explanatory their are more quests this time around, and being that this game has DLC at no extra charge it will have even more hopefully.

Anyway that's some of the things I noticed so far in my hour of playing before heading to a friends house.

Azigos3801d ago

Still nothing on the store and this is the only website that speak about MH:FU DD at launch... :( I'm starting to think that it's fake.

Anyone knows something more? I want it so bad...