Girl Gamers: Fact or Fiction?

"There is a widely-held belief on the internet and numerous online worlds that the female species is a mythical creature when it comes to online gaming. They must be either homely lesbians or older men having a good laugh. After all, what would a normal girl want with games? Don't they belong in the kitchen?" - from gameplayer

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jomnize3797d ago

While the topic is trite, the writing is exceptional ... hence the approval.

Sucks2BU3797d ago

I am used to being told by girl gamers that guys treat them like poop but the way it was written in the article made that perspective make all the more sense.

3797d ago
dorron3797d ago

Girl Gamers actually girl is a gamer. She plays Counter Strike Source and Lineage among others. ;-)

kesvalk3797d ago

well really, i tryed to get a lot of female friends to play smash with our group, and they not even tryed to play, they just said they dind't like videogames...

after some weeks 2 of them played... they got more addicted than me...

i think the problem is that, for some reasom, they think videogames is not girly or something... heck, they not even try to play!

i still think there should be more girls playing, cuz there is nothing as being near girls, playing games!
that would be my paradise...

if god made something better than Women... it left it on heaven...