The Orange Box gets Novint Falcon support

Valve has released a patch for The Orange Box titles Half-Life 2: Episode 1 & 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2, adding support for the Novint Falcon controller.

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RowSand3794d ago

i guess this is only for xbox titty shillty

manwich253794d ago

Great news for the 3 people who actually have one of these

OtherWhiteMeat3794d ago

So Valve decides to support this overpriced piece of crap but yet they deny 20 million PS3 owner. Who making the calls at Valve????

OtherWhiteMeat3794d ago

ooops 20 million PS3 owners

Pandamobile3794d ago

Are you serious?

It probably took like <20 hours of programming for Valve. Valve are PC devs first, so they're going to support PC more than anything.

The Source Engine isn't a very good multiplatform engine. I don't get why you people don't understand that.

It was made for PC in 2004. The only reason it works well on the 360 is because it's like a PC from the same time period. The PS3's architecture is too different to simply port the Source Engine with good results.

cyberwaffles3794d ago

i didnt know one person owned 20 million ps3's