Famitsu: Cross Edge Dash heading to Xbox 360

Examiner: "According to the latest Famitsu issue, Cross Edge is apparently heading to the Xbox 360 as Cross Edge Dash."

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Myst3793d ago

Wonder if they will be getting the DLC automatically on the disk or if they will have to download it as well.

DrWan3793d ago

Well the DLCs are free anyways, it doesnt make a difference either way for xbox players

Myst3793d ago

Yeah that is true, but I'm mainly wondering if it will be released like right as the game comes out or perhaps later on down the line.

Dragun6193793d ago

Does anyone know from experience if this is a good rpg to get. I've been thinking of getting it but that IGN review gave it 3.5 out of 10.

But then again its Ryan Clements, the guy that gave Eternal Poison a 3.5 out 10 too. So yea, anyone's personal opinion of this game?

Myst3793d ago

Meh, I went out and got this the first day it was released; though I wouldn't take my opinion personally as I'm an RPG fanatic so my view will be vastly different than those of others. I find it rather fun and even so humorous at certain points, the battle system is not as difficult as the IGN review made it out to be. Triangle, Circle, Square, and X designate the skills you want your character to use, push one of them after selecting an enemy and it's used. Some of your characters can only attack certain enemies depending on where they (your character is standing) Strategy RPG in a sense. For example Felicia from Darkstalkers has a rolling attack, that can attack a straight row of enemies if they are lined up like this:

X= enemies
O= empty


Yet she cannot use the roll attack if it's like this.


Yet if it was like this then she could still hit the ones in the back with the roll attack


I haven't been able to play the game in a while (Due to work and such) so my strategy may have been thrown off a bit with her, but I definitely like it and would recommend it to those who like JRPGs, though I must warn some their is a fair bit of grinding on the normal mode and sure their is a heavy bit on the Hard mode. Not sure about easy.

Dragun6193793d ago

Thank You, I might pick this up as I am pretty hardcore jrpg fan myself. Just recently beat Rouge Galaxy and Disgea 3, two great games imo.

Myst3793d ago

Welcome, and you just reminded me of something I need to beat the three games I got last fall: Persona 4, Rouge Galaxy, and Star Ocean: Till the end of time :/.

Though from time to time the game does have a bit of a Disgaea feel to it just as well at times so a bit of Nostalgia may come flooding back while playing.

callahan093792d ago

Is this another typo? Famitsu already had a typo with the whole Magna Carta 2 on PS3 thing in this issue. Just doesn't seem to make any sense to port it to 360. So many reasons not to do it, and I can't think of a single reason TO do it.

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Da One3793d ago

I'm at a loss for words...........

Homicide3793d ago

Wait, they're really porting this? Why?

jakethemuss3793d ago

With 2 million japanese 360 owners and the few in the the us that would play it why not? Atlus have released rpgs to the 360 as well and they never said it was an exclusive.

Sony Rep3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

2 million? Lol. More like 1 million.

Godmars2903793d ago

Pretty sure MS was prematurely celebrating hitting 1 million last year. Don't even know if they reached that.

Forget that the games simple fan service for Atlus titles with some Capcom people thrown in.

UltimateIdiot9113792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I'm surprise it's being port as Disgaea characters and Ar Tonelico characters are well only on Playstation characters.

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Light Yagami3793d ago

LOL! It makes me feel like an ass saying only on PS3.

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