Lair: 3 minutes of Rampage Gameplay

Here is 3 minutes of Lair gameplay hosted by

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techie4267d ago

it is a new one people

wildcat4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

oh, see it helps sometimes when you can see who posted it, definitely new

deepbrown- on a role

techie4267d ago

Remember all this game has epic music by the Hollywood composer John Debney...and the music is also join that with this footage and WOW.

Sexius Maximus4267d ago

Danny Elfman made Fable so much better because of the ambiance he was able to create. It's nice to hear of a fellow gamer who appreciates a quality soundtrack.

Maddens Raiders4267d ago

looks better and better. This just means more personal projects around the house pushed to the back of the line while my electricity bills increase. Oh well!

Bill Gates4267d ago

I hope this game has some sort of Multiplayer mode where we could have dogfights, excuse me dragonfights online. That would a nice add on news.

Circa244267d ago

They don't. In the Lair interview with IGN, he says hows there is no multiplayer aspect in the video game. He said they wanted to make sure they could make the best single-player version they could.

But he did say that depending on how well Lair is received and what the community thinks, it's a definite possibility that if there is a Lair 2, it could have multiplayer.

sabbath4204267d ago

This game has some pretty cool ideas but that is about all. How much longer till this game comes out? Because it needs allot of work from this and other videos I have seen. I have seen: Lot's of pop in scenery and jaggies. When the dragon lands notice all of the men not only look the same but move the same and at the same time. The Dragon control on the ground sure looks jerky. The fire effects look horrible as do the particle effects. Look at the smoke it looks like something rendered from the gamecube. Backgrounds look pretty bland also. It does look like some of the action sequences will be fun but get old quick.
I expected allot more from such a powerful and expensive machine.
Should have been a game console first.

ER1X4267d ago

That was a pretty good attempt at being unbiased. Try again.

Circa244267d ago

You know, when it comes out (slated June), it will have been 6 months since the PS3 came out.

I mean, would you really expect a graduating college basketball MVP to do as well or better in the pros? Dude... come on...

I for one think this is a very impressive game coming out only half a year after the console's release. And you only point out the negatives. What about: The number of dragons on screen at one time (all doing something independently of each other), the water effects, the God-Of-War-esqe finishing kills, the mix of non-linear and linear levels (I guess we'll have to see about that one).

Whatever, I'm impressed.

Close_Second4267d ago

...bashing of the PS3 in the later part of your comment, I have to agree. I was not impressed and could see this game becoming stale very quickly. I certainly did not see anything in this video that made Lair look like it could only be achieved on a PS3. However...the game still has time to be tweaked and no doubt will look several times better playing on a 40" Hi-Def plasma or LCD.

Mind you, even if it does look better I can't see this being the console shifting title everyone seems to think it will be. Sure, it may open a few eyes and have some of that "wow" factor, but I don't think its going to move a million plus consoles. The gameplay just won't appeal to a wide enough audience.

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The story is too old to be commented.