Microsoft Developing a Console MMO?

When asked about console MMOs in a recent interview, Blizzard's Rob Pardo revealed that Blizzard had acted as a consultant for a Microsoft project in development. But what could it be?

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Montrealien3803d ago

What do Blizzard know about MMORPGs? I mean really.

Godmars2903802d ago

Considering that among then many things Halo was considered as was an MMO...

Bnet3433802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

I'll jizz for a Halo MMO ...

Sean Reno, that was sarcasm, it wasn't that hard to detect ... chill broski

Sean Ryno3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

"What do Blizzard know about MMORPGs? I mean really."

Just in case that wasn't sarcasm and you are a hermit.

Blizzard developed and continues to support and profit from World of Warcraft. With over 11 MILLION players online. At 15 dollars a month for the subscription, that's about 1.5 billion dollars a year not including the initial purchase or expansion packs.

You can pick your jaw up off the floor now.

Montrealien3802d ago

The sky is no Blue.

Care to explain to me why it is?

I have been playing wow since closed beta. I have a lvl 80 Uldar 25 man Raiding Paladin, 2 other parked lvl 70 paladins a lvl 80 DK a lvl 72 Lock and I run my own 10 man raids for raiding beginners, trust me, it was sarcasm.

Sean Ryno3802d ago

Sorry if it sounded like I was flying off the handle there. I just felt the need to inform if in fact (though not likely) someone did not know the almighty that is WOW. I'm pretty sure aboriginals hiding in a bush somewhere in Indonesia have accounts on WOW.


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Kushan3803d ago

I wonder if this is what Halo: Reach is all about? Theres nothing solid about the game, just some rumours that it's a sort of sandbox title. You know, a bit like an MMO is?
Or it could be something entirely different. I actually hope this is the case, because from what we know, Halo Reach is a major project (Apparently it was in development before ODST was) and an MMO would also be a major project. Having two major projects would be pretty sweet.

We also know that Microsoft is releasing a racing game for free, but with microtransactions for new cars, tracks, skins, etc. That's a pretty popular model for Korean MMO games and could be an indication that Microsoft is testing the waters with Microtransactions, which could feasibly end up in a future MMO title.

So basically, if this MMO thing is real and it's free (or at least free for Gold subscribers), it could finally almost justify Live's cost. Maybe.

Or it could be all BS.

Xi3802d ago

I'm thinking large scale battles are more then likely considering how scalable the halo multiplayer already is to begin with. And with the inclusion of the beta in odst, it would provide a very, very large test and focus group, that could run for a very extended period, so I could fathom Reach being an MMO.

However the long development time could be due to bungie building a new engine to the game, which is also rumored.

qOHellReaperOp3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

halo reach i supposed to be an fps but they could be working on an mmofps sorta like MAG

Xi3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

It's not an MMO game, but mmo tech.

IE. Donnybrook.

Although what MS is likely showing is a much larger progression of that. The most interesting thing about donybrook is the fact it's p2p which would eliminate the main source of an MMO's cash sink, the servers.

qOHellReaperOp3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Considering Halo:Reach is supposed to be somthing diff. and also Bungie said that the MP in Halo:Reach will be alot diff. from all previous halo games i bet you Halo:Reach could possibly be microsofts answer to MAG....but idk im just throwing crazy ideas out there, cause im pumped for this game, to see what there gonna do. But you never know =)

Fade_Walker3802d ago

Four Words...True Fantasy Live Online.

Come on Microsoft! Make up with Level-5 and make the people happy!

Bnet3433802d ago

That will never happen. The reason it got canned was because Level 5 got pissed at Microsoft. Damn, you remind me of the memories of being hyped for that game. Me and my friends had made a guild for it in advance.

siyrobbo3802d ago

didnt level 5 use microsofts money to develope ps2 games? sure i heard something like that a while ago

-MD-3802d ago

360 + Live + MMO = yes please.

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