IGN: Contrarian Corner: Infamous

IGN writes: "As a movie, Infamous would have been confrontational and provocative. As a graphic novel it would have been subversive and dramatic. As a videogame, it's an open world platformer that has you meandering around a post-apocalyptic sand lot collecting power-up shards and running errands for a crooked CIA agent, with the occasional cutscene to reward players. Was it fun? Yes, it was. But it should have been much more".

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taurus13798d ago

The way it ended really set up at least one sequel but I think they can get a few out of this guy (Cole). The first one was an amazing game, the first one this gen that had me going back for more.

YoungKingDoran3798d ago

why does this guy presume an infamous novel or movie would automatically be good?
for all we know, if it was a movie first it could've been average. next, imagine the average game based on the average movie, with terrible movie tie-in missions...
im glad it was a game first