Top Ten Thursday: The Madden 08 Cover

IGN is here to breakdown who are the top contenders to be cursed in 2008 by being on the cover of Madden 08, complete with analysis and betting odds (when is betting on cover athletes hitting Vegas, anyway?).

Don't worry, punters aren't included.

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PS360PCROCKS4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

As long as it's not a Denver Bronco I could care less whos on the cover. ahh just read the story and EA if you put Champ on the cover and ruin this season I will hunt you down. Put Manning on their, he deserves it, he won the super bowl and I hate the guy and that damn team. Stupid Colts

SmokeyMcBear4264d ago

champ bailey, cutler on the cover...haha Go Raiders.. just messing with ya, but I seriously hope its Manning on the Cover, or Brady, either of those two and I'll be happy

PS360PCROCKS4264d ago

yea me to with those two hurt the Broncos can prance to the superbowl

shotputking4264d ago

raiders fans getting a little jealous?? is it because denver has 1 losing season, 2 super bowls, the best overall winning percentage in the league in the last ten years?? hey, you guys kicked mike shanahan out, it's nobody's fault... except al davis'.

PS360PCROCKS4264d ago

oOo I got some back up dang shot you told him, lol he straight up brought the damage control, haha. Last year was a fluke tho, we made the AFC Championship the season before, it all came down to punting, the defense played half a field all season and got wore out. Oh well 2007 here we come with all the new additions were going to tear it up

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Deafman4204264d ago

Who's on the cover of this game. Its Ea's Madden. Talk about putting the game on m$'s servers and maybe this'll be news.

kewlkat0074264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

Just Please don't put any New England Patriots on there.

Ever heard of the Madden Curse? If you don't believe it Read this and you'll see why it's true. I swear, read it if you know football.


Oh yeah I hate madden, can't wait till 2K football make a comeback.

Pats all the way.....

PS360PCROCKS4264d ago

Boo the Pats, haha, I'm a Broncos season ticket holder so your one my rivals. I gotta say tho nothing was sweeter than watching Champ Bailey run towards my seats in the north stands 100 yards after picking off Brady... :) Just thought I'd bring that one up lol

kewlkat0074264d ago

good one..we'll get that one back, and that champ is a freak, but nothing will ever beat Tom Brady kicking the Rams, Eagles, and Panthers for 3 Superbowls, and one peyton manning play away to another Superbowl.

I was in college when it all took place, ya know something to tell my kids and grandkids(whenever that happens)..hehe, do you remember the last time you won one?

PS360PCROCKS4264d ago

ahhh man that's like pouring salt into a wound lol, 1997-1998 when we went back to back. But in our defense we lost John Elway and we have had Brian Griese and Jake Plummer at QB and that's just sad. But hey bright side is now we have Cutler, he is a beast, his arm is literally a cannon he is exciting to watch. Oh and hey who is going to play TE for you next season? ;)

sajj3164264d ago

If anyone deserves to be on the cover, its LT. For you international folks, thats Ladainian Tomlinson, running back for the San Diego Chargers.

I don't like Madden either. I really do miss the NFL2K Gameplay. Madden just never felt like the NFL.

PS360PCROCKS4264d ago

Yea let's put LT on the cover, Manning, Brady, or LT are all perfect candidates and if any of them get hurt it only helps my team, lol

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