The Rebirth Of Sony's Eyetoy

E3'09 was incredible and Sony made sure they left an impression with their Motion Controls as well and, they did not disappoint. The features alone will elevate Sony in the top position when it comes to revolutionary gameplay look below to see the features and a old video representing the power of the Reborn Eyetoy.

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WEL3795d ago

Oh man I saw the tittle and clicked to to read the article and then I saw... HHG. =(

F3NIX DX3795d ago

me too anything that guy says is trash

chaosatom3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )


Silly gameAr3795d ago

people have to say that every time don't they. Just as credible as the "news" I've seen for the past month.

Thugbot1873795d ago

Almost the same demo I seen for the orginal Eye Toy and it offers no improvement over the Xbox 360 Live Vision

Both really don’t compare to what we’ve seen from Project Natal.

plstcsldgr3794d ago

What have you seen of natal that was actually real. i wont expect anything from natal that the eye toy or eye can't match.

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Simon_Brezhnev3795d ago

you have to admit he makes some catchy headlines

The Great Melon3795d ago

Very true. Definitely makes people click the link.

egm_hiphopgamer3795d ago

Wow everything i say is trash that's so funny because when IGN and GAMESPOT says things like this they are considered great. lol you guys are really funny but at the same time listen to this. what do you call a rebirth being born again right starting all over right well if you look back at eyetoy on ps2 and look at how hard they are going with this eyecam and magic wand controller.

they are preparing for a launch developers are on board, all types of games will utilize the technology sounds to me that they are going at it again but this time they are preparing to do it right and support it. oh yeah you know what's funny pete hines was on my show early this year, then i spoke about bethesda's new title later this year correct and that was back in Janurary when i mentioned it and WOW now we have brink lol i rest my case peace out and god bless

krouse933795d ago

I happen to enjoy your articles but I guess not everyone does. Keep up the Good work HipHopGamer.

chaosatom3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

and there is nothing on their that's newsworthy. Everything is pretty general and there were no details on anything.

Also this is kinda old.
p.s I didn't hit disagree.

Godmars2903795d ago

I'd ask you to get use to it - but you already have.

Greywulf3795d ago

It gets you hits, which is the same IGN/Gamespot/GamesRadar does.

Just don't act shocked when people call a spade a spade.

Shendow3795d ago

I was wondering way is the headline "The Rebirth Of Sony's EyeToy"?? its called the Playstation Eye for PS3 an most of the things that needs the PS Eye won't work with the Eyetoy because it lacks the power.

Henry Cain3795d ago

Keep up the good work. Much respect

lephunk3795d ago

remember this is the internet... it gets brutal...

MEsoJD3794d ago


You don't offer anything good to the gaming world. Nothing

Just stupid headlines to get peoples attention at no cost.

Who the FCUK actually uses your site for gaming news when theres sites like IGN that have intergrity and professionalism with their work???

I hope you read this and gain something from it.

DanSolo3794d ago

FFS people, if you don't like what the dude says.... just don't fvcking listen. No-one is forcing you to click his link and go to his site.

I can't say I really give a sh!t either way, if he says something I find interesting I will take a look, if he says something I don't find interesting then I don't!

Some people obviously like him so he caters to them, if you prefer something else then go there and look.

This site is so full of fanboy b!tches who have to whinge like girls over everything. Just Man the fvck up and stop acting like whining girls!

marcosjuniorbr3794d ago

Keep up the good work. Much respect [2]

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egm_hiphopgamer3795d ago

the article is news worthy because people didn't realize that sony will have voice recognition as well with their motion control scheme. everyone was under the impression that project natal only utilized that feature so yes that is news worthy, and looking at all the features combined with that video and other game possibilities for casual and hardcore people now will have more of an open mind about what sony is really doing and bringing to the table with this project

chaosatom3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

ok there is voice recognition, but where are you getting that information? What details do you have of it?

Eyetoy has a microphone, so they can implement a voice recogination, but that's all we know. You don't even say the stuff you just said in the article, so article feels pretty generic imo.

Godmars2903795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Can do it with only the Eyetoy and an update.

The only question is why haven't they.

saint_john_paul_ii3795d ago

The Pope Disapproves. Please n4g is not a circus. please leave.

beardpapa3795d ago

maybe they haven't found a need to use voice recognition. Can you imagine reading the lines of a game just to progress? Or doing those silly little noises to the DSlite's mic just cuz the game said you have to in order to play? And have you tried voice-to-text software? I remember using DragonSpeak long long time ago and it was a horrible experience. I'm sure Microsoft have improved miles nowadays with their voice recognition in Vista but I still prefer typing.

Thugbot1873795d ago

HipHop I love what you do. I'm just not really feeling this one because there are no significant improvements on this Eye Toy vs. the previous one other than added in voice. Plus it doesn’t offer any advantages over the Xbox 360 Live Vision Cam available today. I’m not sure how with voice and no improvements to the technology that this will be any better than it was in the past or any better than the Xbox 360 Live Vision Cam???

If you look at Project Natal, its light years better than then the two previous cams. I still have much respect and keep up the good work but I just don’t see this. Especially since the Xbox Vision Cam I would say was the more used of the two.

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The story is too old to be commented.