Fallout 3: Point Lookout Issues Not Widespread


Let's face it: Fallout 3's DLC has had some rocky starts. Point Lookout, by and large, seemed to have a successful launch - or did it?

Some individuals on the Bethesda forum were complaining of freezes and lockups, so we contacted Bethesda's Pete Hines to see if the issue was widespread.

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pxpxp3796d ago

Bethesda releases something that is not INFESTED with bugs. But man Imagine how good the games would be if they are that good even with the bugs

ASSASSYN 36o3796d ago

As I said no problems with my DLC.

H Dawgy3796d ago

Yeah same here, nothing but an occasional drop in frame rate, god I love this DLC!! :D

ironwolf7773795d ago

I love Point lookout, well worth the caps, but it did give me my first corrupted save in over 90 hours of gameplay.