Game Podunk: Preview of Cursed Mountain

Deep Silver brings chilling fear to the Wii this August.

Cursed Mountain places you in a unique setting: you play as Eric Simmons, an experience explorer and mountain climber, who travels to the Himalayas in search of his missing brother, Frank. However, he quickly finds the area to be deeply plagued by a curse that leaves all spirits trapped in the Shadow World - he must battle his way through these hostile spirits as he journeys up the mountain, his path becoming more perilous as he ascends to the peak.

Two things make this title particularly exciting: it was created specifically for Wii, and you can partake of the "view" during the entire game. In other words, the entire game world is visible from every level. You can look back down the mountain to see from where you came, but you can also peer ahead and the danger looming before you, higher up the peak...


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knox3800d ago

i think this is gonna be a good game, probably not the best but itll be a good kind of horror title

PS360WII3798d ago

Cool beans. This game has the potential to be a good and scary adventure.

skygear753797d ago

Survival Horror is one of my favorite genres so I'm looking forward to this one.

rrquinta3793d ago

I am definitely interested to see more of this title, as it has some great potential to be a fun and scary game.