IGN: Fight Night Round 4 Review

IGN writes: "At the end of the day Fight Night Round 4 is, to put it plainly, a wonderful boxing game. There are certainly issues to be found in the new Legacy Mode, but it's much closer to what players want from a career mode. The online offering, while not hugely different from the previous Fight Night, still delivers where it counts. I didn't experience any lag in my fights and the World Championship mode will hopefully be something that fans cling to".

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Blaze9293794d ago

cant wait to pick this up

SnuggleBandit3794d ago

ya the demo was hella fun...kinda on the fence though

chaosatom3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

i didn't get into the demo that much. Kinda hard to get knock outs, and just having analog controls made it frustrating. I kept doing similar punches again and again.

But then again, I am not usually the one who buys fight night.

chaosatom3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

neither? lol, but I would choose UFC I guess. I didn't find anything exciting about Fight Night Demo. You basically defend, so you can couter-punch but then you're counter-punch goes elsewhere because analog sticks are not precise. UFC seemed to have a lot of moves and complex ones too. Ign gave it a 7.6, so idk.

shysun3794d ago

Buy fight night bro, I'm going to trade in UFC for it.

DG3793d ago

About KO's how can you expect to constantly get knock outs in three rounds. I couldn't at first but its all in the counter punches. I actually got two knock downs in three rounds once.

As for this or UFC unless u are a hardcore UFC fan (and Im planning to go train for MMA) get fight night.

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skynidas3794d ago

Nice review, its great to see that the game is great on both consoles

SubZero3794d ago

No face button controls makes me sad i wanted this game bad. King of Fighters just took my next game to get . :(

deadreckoning6663794d ago

The demo was great, but ill hold out till EA MMA.

cmrbe3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I have to wait for FNR 6.

Edit: The score is great but for me i normally buy FN in the beginning of the gen then the middle and then near the last like i do with FIFA. I am passing on 10 as i already have nine. I will get 12 next.

I just don't see the point in buying a new FN or FIFA every year. I never trade in games i buy.

Xulap3794d ago

Fight Night doesn't come out every year...

cmrbe3794d ago

true. I guess before it was knock out kings i remember seeing new ones every year. I only have FNR3 this gen sofar.

StanLee3794d ago

I'm with you, not getting Fifa 10 but if PES is a winner this year, I'm going back to PES. Fifa 09 is great though but I have a fondness for PES. Just hope it's as great as first impressions say it is.

Rusco873794d ago

One of the best things about the fight night series is that there isn't a new one every year. Its like there isn't going to be any difference between fifa 09 and fifa 10, but looking at FN3 and FN4 you can see there is a huge difference playing the demo just shows it. mine should be here tomorrow, got an e-mail off HMV saying its on the way on monday

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YogiBear3794d ago

No thanks. I like my button controls.

Bnet3433794d ago

Thank the heavens I'm not the only one.

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