Negative Gamer Review: inFamous

NG writes:

"It's a fun little game and does everything about right, apart from the binary moral system, repetitive missions and slow travel. inFamous fails to rock any boats, but maintains a consistent quality throughout. It's well worth a play through or two. It's just a shame that one of the play throughs (the campaign marked as "evil") is noticeably more fun than the one most people will likely choose. Some of the bigger missions reach the epic heights you expect from such a title and if you can cope with the filler, the killer is worth the wait."

Score: -5 (minus five)

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wardrox3802d ago

NG doesn't use a normal scale.The 5 (or, more accurately -5) means the game is about right. It doesn't overly impress and the issues are about what you would expect. Think of it as an IGN/Gamespot 7.5, or whatever their perceived "average" mark is.

masterofpwnage3802d ago

ay i got the yellow light of death guys and i dont want to stay with the 360
and the bad thing is i was just ganna get infamous
so does anybody know how to fix the yellow kight of death

The_Devil_Hunter3802d ago

You have to send it to sony, or otherwise just try to fix it manually with a heat gun. BUt I recommend sending it to sony

dustgavin3802d ago

You could also check to see if it is the hard drive. I recently took apart a PS3 and it is tough work. Especially, if you have no clue what the problem is.

I would recommend sending it in for repairs. I sent in my 60g Ps3 and they sent me back a brand new 60g model. Yea, it was $150 but worth every penny.

masterofpwnage3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

do u kno how much would it cost

@ cmrbe
yea i know i had a launch to, but thanx for the help man
well atleast i got a 360 until my ps3 comes the only thing is,
what do i play for it ha

cmrbe3802d ago

Sorry can't be of much help. My original launch 60 giger is still kicking.

dustgavin3802d ago

It is $150 to get it repaired. They send you a box with free postage and it takes about a week to get it back.

ptotoy3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

there are 40 mission and each one is different.. even sewer/power station is different because you have a new power that you need to use..

unlike gta4, where everything was drive to enemy's base and kill them all.. plus a helicopter mission near the end..

rmedtx8883802d ago

Lol, somebody wants traffic being pulled into their site.