Official Playstation Blog - PS3 Firmware (v2.80) Update

Eric Lempel writes -

Hello, I just wanted to provide everyone with a head's up that the next PLAYSTATION 3 system software update (v2.80) will be coming soon. The playback quality of some PLAYSTATION 3 format software has been improved.

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cool83796d ago

i wonder what more, has been added behind the scenes...

iamtehpwn3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

is a brave man.

He risked his Job and livelihood to get us this information.

poindat3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

"The playback quality of some PLAYSTATION 3 format software has been improved."

And it most certainly wasn't worth it.

iamtehpwn3796d ago

It wasn't about the firmware.
It was about PS3 slim.
He just used the firmware as proof of his identity.

poindat3796d ago

Yeah, but still... We all knew that the PS3 slim was coming at SOME point, and nothing is worth putting your job on the line for.

iamtehpwn3796d ago

kuddos to him for his early confirmation

3796d ago
wUTTer3796d ago

Actually we didn't get our hopes up because nobody knew about a firmware update until Super_Secret let us in on it and even then he clearly stated this update wasn't anything worth getting our hopes up for.

In fact he said firmware 3.0 will be the update to wait for, which will supposedly include in game voice chat over all games. I still won't get my hopes up for that but it is worth noting that he has some very good sources to know about the time of this update as well as its non important contents.

velaxun3796d ago

dude, no one expected anything of this firmware, and no body in here is flipping out or mad about anything. chill

SprSynJn3796d ago

"... and nothing is worth putting your job on the line for."

Especially if it is to please some kids on a message board. If I had a job at Sony, I would be more tight lipped than Congress is on their f'ups.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Is a big number. Usually the bug fixes end in 1. For example: 2.41 or 2.51.

Hopefully there's something new.

BTW I woke up today (about an hour ago) and immediately turned on my PS3 cus I had a feeling there was a FW. No update available so I went of N4G and saw that artice about a FW update soon and now the official announcement! Maybe I'm psychic O_o

Ever wonder what FW update 2.8 has? Wa-Bam! There it is!

Milky Joe3796d ago

I'm agreeing with SprSynJn. This guy is obviously in a position where he is trusted with information and he has betrayed that trust just to make some new internet friends. If the PS3 Slim is coming out, great. Is this something that I really needed to know? No. Certainly not worth risking your job over. Especially given the whole recession thing is making good jobs hard to come by.

chaosatom3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

at the blog. So many people are going to be mad at him for nothing.

I'll join the bandwagon too :P

xwabbit3796d ago

I just hope grey is a new member and not another multiple account by....(*looks for hes ip* brb)

Xbox Avatars Shoe3796d ago

1) Where the hell did all your bubbles go?

2) Multiple accounts by who?

MEsoJD3796d ago

No Video? must not be a special update but thann again the last update with video intro was undewelming. Whatever its all still appreciated.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

About 15 minutes after I installed FW 2.8, I was using the PS3's web browser to check IGN's PS3 reviews and it froze. The little "loading" ripple thing wasn't even moving and I couldn't do anything -- completely frozen. I had to manually press the power button and my PS3 made that 3-beep error sound >:(

Cmon this issue has been going on forever; FIX IT!

Edit: WOW my CoD: WaW game just froze 3 times in a row! So much for IMPROVED stability!

Anon19743796d ago

I've never had my web freeze once on my launch 60 GB console. Nor have I had a single issue with COD:WAW, which I play quite extensively. I think the last game I had freeze on me was Fallout 3 froze on me twice on an entire play through.

I've never heard of anyone having problems like yours. I know through many issues I've had in the past with my 360 how frustrating it can be when your console starts acting up. I hope your issue clears up soon.

JL3796d ago

@xbox avatar shoe
I've had the browser hang up on me a couple times, but it's been because of my impatience really. Here's a tip: let a page completely load (ie that lil circle thing quits) before you try moving back or to a new page or anything. Ever since I started doing that I haven't had any problems with it.

I also haven't had any freezing problems with any games but Fallout 3. That's the only one I can remember ever freezing my system, and it did do it on a few different occasions.

lol I see that got at xwabbit's bubbles like they did mine

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SpaceSquirrel3796d ago

"Be Right Back…
We're making a few quick changes and the site will be back online in just a few moments.
If you were submitting a comment, please just press your browser's "Back" button, and try again in a little bit (this way, your comment is not lost)."

krouse933796d ago

I saw it too it said it was just to improve play back of some software.

rCrysis3796d ago

one step closer to cross game chats/invites!!

MattyF3796d ago

They never reveal anything in the pre-announcement release of the patch. All his update posts look the same.