Microsoft confirms motion-camera firm buyout

In February, reports out of Israel and Silicon Valley indicated that Microsoft had purchased the Israeli startup 3DV Systems to acquire its Z-Cam motion-sensing technology. However, Microsoft has steadfastly refused to comment on any such deal. It also has remained mum on whether or not the highly responsive Z-Cam (pictured top) is related to Project Natal (pictured bottom), an eerily similar--and, at times, just eerie (see below)--motion-sensing camera peripheral unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

That has apparently changed this week, according to an article in the Israeli business daily Globes. The newspaper's online edition reports that Moshe Lichtman, Microsoft corporate vice president and head of the software giant's Israeli research and development center--its third biggest in the world--has confirmed the sale. He did so in a Monday speech designed to bolster morale at the center, which apparently laid off 50 employees in January as part of Microsoft's massive worldwide staff cuts.

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KingKionic 4968d ago (Edited 4968d ago )

Yeah... I wonder...

If it`s coming out next year.

GiantEnemyCrab4968d ago

I'm expecting it Fall of 2010. So still a ways off but they have to get the tech polished up and need to get some games finished for it.

It's just a shame we have to deal with rumors and speculation for at least another year..

KingKionic 4968d ago


I bet Microsoft fueling the rumours..

The irony

RememberThe3574968d ago

He could not have put that better.

Lifendz4968d ago

when you can buy it? Why have an in-house studio create a new and fresh IP when you can buy timed exclusivity or exclusive DLC on an existing IP? Why charge a reasonable price for a HDD when you can charge whatever amount you want since the consumer has no choice? Why not charge people an annual fee to play games online?

We love you MS!

Willio4968d ago

Thats innovation 101 for us.

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Elven64968d ago

Nothing new, a good deal for the company being bought. Why? They have the capital for those 14 products they are working on and the odds of their motion tech selling are even better now that it has a recognized brand name behind it.

KingKionic 4968d ago

But what are the 14 products...mp3? tv?

I wonder...hmm.

Elven64968d ago

Why the disagree? They teach you this in Business 101, a product with a brand name behind it is likely to sell better then something with a upstart name behind it.

4968d ago
Godmars2904968d ago

That they developed entirely in-house?


GiantEnemyCrab4968d ago

They wouldn't be talking about the software would they?

I mean it's not like MS isn't a software developer?


Go back to your commander at SDF HQ and tell him the battle didn't go so well.

Elven64968d ago

According to 1UP I believe, roughly 1/3 of the tech was built in house and then combined with this 3DV stuff.

Igniter4968d ago

I don't think they bought 3DV for the tech, they bought them for the patents. MS will probably buy next for thier patents!

Qui-Gon Jim4968d ago

I think your right. I think MS bought this company in order to shut out the competition from having access to this tech.
The video in the link below shows that Sony had been looking at this company's technology five years ago.

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