Red Faction: Guerrilla Walker Preorder Bonus Pictures

So waaaay back at the beginning of the preorder process for Red Faction, Best Buy had a preorder bonus for those that preordered their copy through them AND had a "Gamer's Club" membership. Well I just so happen to have done both of those things and just received my walker in the mail today. The action figure is made out of plastic, with a large amount of moving pistons and joints. The paint job is top-notch and it looks as if it has been through a lot on Mars. Pretty sweet thing for free, eh? Check out the full article for pictures.

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CrAzYbRoS3795d ago

Got mine today! Three others I know got theirs in today as well.

Cajun Chicken3795d ago

I've had mine for a good few weeks, GAME were giving them away with any copy of the game in the UK, actually, it was this free figure that made me take the dive, otherwise I would've waited for the price of the game to drop.
It is a really cool little thing.

Topshelfcheese3794d ago

I got it today, and was wondering why. I never pre-ordered the game, I actually bought it the sunday after it came out. I'm a silver club member, so maybe I got one of the leftovers cause of that.

Bengoshi-San3794d ago

That looks neat, congrats man.

I have yet to play this game.

CrAzYbRoS3794d ago

The single player game is fun and the multiplayer online is top notch.