IGN: Overlord: Dark Legend Review

IGN writes: "The camera is always a struggle as well, and with no way to move it outside of C-center and a pretty slow IR-based movement it can make battles and puzzles a hassle. More than anything though (save for the AI issues) the frame rate kills this one at times, freezing for a frame or two when summoning new Minions or in huge battles, and slowing down the actual in-game frame count to around 10-15 per second when things get really rough. When pitting this up against Climax's other Wii project, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, the two games aren't even in the same league. Overlord brings some entertaining elements and some true potential for the system, but the final result is just too buggy and unreliable to be ranked among Wii's third party greats".

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