GamePro: Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires Review

GamePro writes: "Despite the monotony of essentially obliterating entire armies over and over, there is an addictive quality to Empires. After long play sessions, you might find yourself arguing in favor of just one more new territory, or just one more level up before calling it quits. Progress comes in small increments, but before you know it, China is yours. If you've enjoyed the Dynasty Warriors franchise in the past, and you think you'll want to continue on to mission after mission, you should consider picking Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires up. Endless variations on battles and the ability to customize characters make this game a good value for serious fans. People looking for less involvement and hack-and-slash may want to rent or avoid this title altogether".

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Blaze9293799d ago

Gamepro just seems to love everything now adays

butterfinger3799d ago

surprised to see this get a higher score than The Conduit and Overlord II.