Sucker Punch Staffing Up, Job Listings May Hint At inFamous 2

G4TV writes: "The almost universally positive response to Sucker Punch Production's first recent non-Sly Cooper game, the anti-hero open-world adventure inFamous, would suggest that a sequel is pretty much a given. But could inFamous 2 already be in development? There's a small hint, filed away in a new Sucker Punch job listing that could suggest that's actually true."

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Ninver3793d ago

yes please! more of this badboy is needed. just glad i have a ps3 to play it on.

The_Count3793d ago

I really want a sequel! inFamous was the only game I platinumed and I need another to continue counting!

P.S Big Bird Loves it too.

Ah ah ah

Beast_Master3793d ago

Where are the Sly Cooper beggars? jk. They actually could be building a small team to do a SLy Cooper project along with Infamous 2. They have the engine in place, so hopefully we will see the sequel in 2011. Knowing how Sony likes spread out the releases of their exclusives I think this will be a Fall 2011 release.

TheHater3793d ago

Please let their be a sequel late next year or early 2011.

iHEARTboobs3793d ago

I figured there would be after the way it ended. Kickass game.

cmrbe3793d ago

i found Infamous to be more fun than Uncharted. The gameplay is so much fun in Infamous. It's obvious that SK put fun before everything else in Infamous. All in all infamous is a well rounded game. It definately lived up to my very high expectations for being my number 3 anticipated game this year.

iHEARTboobs3793d ago

I would say I enjoyed Uncharted more but that might be because I played it late and at a time when i really wanted to play a great adventure game. inFamous met and exceeded my expectations. It's a really fun game and a little more polish and variety for the next one and we should have another hit on our hands from Sucker Punch.

sorceror1713790d ago

I'd like to see a different adventure with different powers. Say, a guy who gets temperature-related powers. The 'good' path develops fire powers, the 'bad' develops ice powers. It'd give a really separate feel to the varying paths.

cmrbe3793d ago

they already have developed and engine for this game so its a given that they could get it out in less than 2 years. March 2011 is the most likely case scenario.

In the end its your human resource that is your greatest asset. Sony got it right this gen

Sony 1st party and 2nd party FTW.

Snoops the Sniggerin3793d ago

Gerard Williams( aid this on Sunday.

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