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The following is an interview with an industry insider who had hands on with Wii sdk 2.1.

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ItsDubC4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

If that's all true, that was one of the most enlightening articles I've seen about the Wii. Aside from the numerous editing mistakes, it was chock-full of technical info that I've been looking for on the hardware.

This whole time, I thought the Wii was basically just a GC w/ enhanced controls so I was shocked to learn that the Wii GPU can be 3-5 times more powerful than the GC's and that the system overall can dish out twice as many megapixels per second as the Xbox.

It was also nice to learn about some of the characteristics of the GC devkit that Nintendo fixed for the Wii devkit. Good stuff.

ChickeyCantor4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

this will show the ignorant ! XD

also i dont think ATI and IBM did nothing at all those years..glad to hear the Wii can do something...but the devs better be on it...a**holes >=(

ITR4268d ago

Noticed he or she said the res. is restricted by the developers kit, but not by the hardware.

This makes me think the gpu can do 720p which is what has been rumored for around 4 months now.

I guess by yr end and early next yr we'll see more games looking like Xbox ports of sorts.

anthonsh4267d ago

Sounds like Nintendo doesnt want them making "HD" games. Maybe it is a game quality - strategic move. If they removed the feature in the dev kits, maybe HD games struggle in other areas given the size / power of some of the components.

IE: its capeable, but they'd rather dev's dont use it, and just concentrate on making good games at the lower res.

tplarkin74268d ago

How can a developer claim that the X360 is only 2.5 times faster than the Wii? That's utterly ridiculous as Kameo proves the power of the X360 in terms of polygons. 4000 NPCs with unique AI in Kameo. Does that mean you can have 2000 NPCs on the Wii? No.

ItsDubC4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Speed doesn't necessarily correlate to overall performance. A 3 Ghz single-core CPU isn't gonna perform on the same level as a 3 Ghz dual-core CPU. There are other variables as well such as bus speed, ram timings, and GPU performance. That being said, how do you know that the Wii can't handle 2000 NPCs? That's largely dependent upon the complexity of the AI algorithms.

ITR4267d ago

Whats the point of 3 processors, if you don't write for them.
Also speed isn't's how your program for it.

ChickeyCantor4267d ago

They all said 700+mhz is nothing, but like itsbubc is saying the whole hardware is important. Lets not forget Wii is running @ 480P max if supported by the game, this also means that the GPU isn't calculating high resolutions('720P+) so plenty of GPU-calculations are left..
we have all seen how good looking the mario:galaxy trailer be honest i didn't expected it would look that good.

anthonsh4267d ago

Storage space is proportional to power is proportional to screen resolution. Trust me, the Wii is a fine piece of engineering, they've thought this out. If you enabled Devs to run a game at 720p, the customers would demand it, and the games would suffer.

anthonsh4267d ago


1080p resolution is approx. 1000x1000 pixels, 1,000,000.
480p resolution is approx. 400*400 pixels, 160,000.
Thats 6.25x larger.

6.25X the storage space of a dvd, what, 4.5GB? I'm not looking it up, thats close enough, = 28.125 (GB) or roughly the storage space in a BluRay/HDDvd disc.

Thats how this type of stuff works out.

You cant fit more game on an HD - DVD disc, you use all the excess for the graphics making the SAME game.

Many other hardware issues work out the same way.

marison4267d ago

"1080p resolution is approx. 1000x1000 pixels, 1,000,000.
480p resolution is approx. 400*400 pixels, 160,000.
Thats 6.25x larger."

1080p is 1,920x1,080= 2,073,600
720p is 1,280x720= 921,600
480p is 856x480= 410,880 (if Widescreen with square pixels)

480p have 5,05 minus pixels than 1080p.

But, what you say doesn't make so much sense. All HDTV resolutions could be possible on Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3.

In the end, all depends on the number of shader instructions per frame, occlusion culling, texture caching efficiency and if the video RAM could at leat save the frame buffer, Z buffer and some textures.

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