The Wimbledon lover's online gaming warm-up - Flytrap Games

Flytrap writes: "British people are rubbish at tennis.

Face it. Over the past fifty years, the Wimbledon Gentlemen's and Ladies' Singles events have degraded from a source of national pride and joy to a regular, agonising reminder of our sporting impotence.

We don't even look good while we're losing. Other countries give rise to intensely charismatic, hunky and/or bootalicious sportsmen and women like Rafael Nadal, the Williams sisters and that Russian bird who was all over the tabloids. We have people like Tim Henman. Who is a nice boy, all told, but not the kind to make you weaken at the knees.

Now that I've got your attention, how about a free online game or 10? This tennis-themed round-up won't reinvent the sport, but it should lighten your mood after Andy Murray's utterly inevitable crushing defeat later on this afternoon."

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