1UP: Fight Night Round 4 Review

1UP writes: "I guess I was destined to become a boxing fan. You see, my father was a member of the Naval boxing team during the mid-60s, and from an early age I sat in wonder of his countless stories about experiences in the ring. But Fight Night Round 3 was the first boxing videogame that made him stop and look at it, because at first glance he thought it was real. It's been 3 1/2 years since then, and although several high profile boxing titles have hit the market, none have come close to matching what the team at EA Chicago accomplished. Developed by an all-new team and re-built from the ground up Fight Night Round 4 is in good hands with the team at EA Canada; not only have they matched the quality of the original title, but in many ways they dramatically exceeded it."

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3799d ago
ptotoy3799d ago

maybe i'm playing it wrong.. but the demo was a button-masher err stick-flipper

darkgunner3799d ago

This game's getting amazing reviews so far, can't wait for it.

byeGollum3799d ago

Friday 26th Needs to arrive FasterI .. Day 1 Purchase!

ian723799d ago

Looking good. Never been into boxing games even though I like watching it. This might be my first one(boxing game). Reviews so far are good, also my birthday friday, may treat myself to this.

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