Devastation 2009: Street Fighter IV Attracts the Country's Top Fighters

Determined to grasp victory, two warriors step onto an airfield unconcerned that a nearby military transport plane maneuvering to take off may disturb their encounter. On the right is Rufus, a fighter whose undulating belly and spandex outfit masks his deadly potential. On the left is Ryu, a wandering fighter from Japan who can toss enough fireballs to make Super Mario jealous. He charges up and tosses one at Rufus to begin the fight. Rufus counters with a flurry of punches. There were ninety seconds on the clock, but they're clicking away with every block, every connect and every second of fierce determination.

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4pocalyps33801d ago

shame daigo wasn't there....

GameScrubs3801d ago

Daigo is usually paid by the tournament organizers and considering this is the first big tournament in Arizona, they couldn't afford to sponsor him this year.

Maybe next Devastation he will be there. I think he is guaranteed for evo though.