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Examiner: An article posted on Bitmob by Thomas Lin about the formula Metacritic uses to convert scores from newspaper, magazine, and internet critics to their 100 point system brings about a good opportunity for me to discuss how I review games and why I have two scores.

As the article points out, Metacritic will convert whatever score they find for a game, book, movie, or whatever to their 100 point system regardless of whether it fits the system or not. That's why to be fair to the games (and movies and books I review on my personal blog) I give everything a separate score specifically for Metacritic so there is nothing lost in translation.

I've always been a fan of EGM's system for reviewing games and my mother will tell you there's a probably still a 50lbs or more stack of past issues in my old closet in her house. Their system was anything that was average got a 5.0 or a C. Metacritic agrees with this as well as C converts to a 50. Where I have an issue is with the upper ranges. I think a score of B- is probably closer to 80 than 70. Metacritic converts it to 67. I would probably give a B- something between 79 - 75 depending on the game. A+ and A are both converted into 100. To me there is a difference between an A+ and an A and I would score the two differently.

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