Trouble this fall for Gamers

LivePlayStation: You may have a budget for the amount of games you get every month or maybe you don't. But your going to need one for this fall.

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ian723793d ago

Only 4 games mentioned in article. Not that many. I have just purchased 3 in 2 weeks (Infamous, Red faction, Prototype). Many people wont want them all anyhow. Plus some will have games to trade in. TROUBLE THIS FALL FOR GAMERS my a$$.

paul03883793d ago

Here's my list of must haves

1. Modern Warefare 2- Xbox 360
2. Uncharted 2- PS3
3. Operation Flashpoint 2-PC
4. Gran Turismo 5 - PS3
5. Heavy Rain - PS3
6. Arma 2 - PC (I really love military sims :-)
7. ALAN WAKE -Xbox 360
8. God of War 3 - PS3
9. MAG - PS3
10. The Beatles Rock Band - Xbox 360
11. Final Fantasy 13 - PS3

My list of Maybes (among others):
1. Assassins Creed 2
2. ODST (only if it has its own MP)
3. Bioshock 2 (I have to beat the first still)
4. Max Payne 3 (Looks a lot like Uncharted environment wise, and seems to have moved away from the gritty noir feeling that made first two legendary... but if it's good I'll get it)

My very short list of negatives:
1. Left 4 Dead 2 (After careful mental deliberation I decided that the second one is basically the first one with a few extra gimmicks that should have been in the original anyway. I feel cheated that Valve sold us a glorified demo at full price only to "pull the rug" from under us by releasing a sequel only a year later. Shame on you Valve. IMO, I didn't enjoy the first one for much more than a month after Christmas anyway. I should have gotten the PC version, I bet it's much better (graphical limitations on console version in certain respects distracted me to a point of which I did not enjoy the game. I'm a minor graphics whore, they're not everything, but the use of extra memory and a better graphics card does L4D wonders from what I seen on a friend's pc. After that I just felt the console version was lacking)

Wow, my comment turned into a L4D rant. Sorry... ;-)