Koku Gamer Old School: PoP: The Sands of Time Review

Koku Gamer writes: "Prince of Persia's biggest draw is the acrobatics, and rightfully so. The acrobatic moves are very cinematic - you'll swing between bars above spike-filled gaps, wall-run between rickety platforms and walk along crumbling ledges hundreds of feet up in the air – and never get old. Thankfully, the Prince's moves are not only visually pleasing but also fun to execute - the controls are as tight as they could be and should you die, you have only yourself to blame."

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Reibooi3794d ago

Personally I think this is the greatest PoP game of all time maybe baring the original game that started it all in the first place. However the rest of the trilogy that followed kind of fell apart which is really unfortunate.

For it's time this game was a beautiful masterpiece.

Perjoss3794d ago

sands of time is my favorite, with the original version (on snes) and the last game released recently (although it was a bit easy) following close behind.

Icemael3794d ago

This game was pretty awesome. I love the new Prince of Persia and all, but it's acrobatics just can't compare to those in the Sands of Time Trilogy. If the next PoP has the story and aesthetics from the latest one with the acrobatics from the SoT trilogy... words cannot describe how awesome that would be.

Elven63794d ago

Not a bad reboot, I personally didn't mind the Dreamcast Prince of Persia, that was fun.

Wriggy3794d ago

Possibly the best title in the series though the latest title (Prince of Persia) was a great play too.

Ziriux3794d ago

As of now this is the best PoP to me. But again I haven't played the recent one on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Bnet3433794d ago

This was a very good game. I remember beating it. Then started playing Warrior Within and said "WORST. SEQUEL. EVER." and pretty much stopped with the series.

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