Is Microsoft's Xbox 360's Success Really All That Successful?

There's been a lot of talk about whether Microsoft is really making any profit from the Xbox 360. For all the money that the company has invested in the "next generation" gaming machine, it simply begs the question if Microsoft and other third-party contributors are really making headway from all their efforts? Well, CB Games takes a quick look to see what the progress has been for the 360.

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ChefDejon4265d ago

no doubt about that as of now but why are so many peopl coming out and questions microsoft. I guess the reign of Xbox 360 isnt all that big.

I dont see the Xbox 360 goign anywhere next year i think the iptv is gonna be the last great upgrade then after that they are just gonna do game and dashboard updates which is boring. thats kinda why i dont have one and wont ever get one.

ASSASSYN 36o4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

I see your comment wasn`t very well accepted. Looks like you need to read the article before the commenting.

DG4263d ago

This article is kind of bias simply because MS entertainment division included the Zune which failed miserably and they spent close to half a billion dollars on development and marketing. Which took that money form the same division as the 360 and since the devision only includes two products its kind of unfair to judge 06 numbers, Ill wait till 07 to decide if MS's Entertainment division is profitable.

BubblesDAVERAGE4265d ago

If the wii can sell half wat they sold in under a year are they really that successful...

techie4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

begging the question a bit arent we?

Mart shut up. No need for your ill-informed bias campaign here. The games coming to the ps3 are next-gen goodness and will be very impressive so leave it out. DOn't know if you saw but there was media from three of those games. HS, Lair and Uncharted. Quit being so blind.

TheMART4265d ago

If it has real next gen games to play, yup the 360 is succesfull.

Wait, what's on the PS3...

Some ducks in a bath? And what's there the comming months before the summer?

Uh oh... Only 360 has some nice exclusives in the coming months:

May: Forza 2 and C&C3
June: Bioshock & Mass Effect.

It seems the Wii just has the 'it's cheap and the controller is new' effect. That'll fade after the initial succes. Now the PS3 will decline like sh!t flushing with the toilet, because after the fanboys spend a whooping 600 dollar/euro, no one will anymore.

February North America: PS3 sold 130k. the 360 almost sold double of that. The 360 always sold at a steady 200k to 300k a month there. The PS3 falls close to 100k...

Japan: PS3 latest week number came @ 17k a week. The Wii sells constantly 3 to 4 times as much.

Europe, UK: a massive 165k @ launch. Those same fanboys. And people that wanted a cheap BluRay player. 2 weeks after: 17k a week. It'll fall to 12k this week max. Next weeks? Who knows, but a lot less.

So about 2.8 million sold. That's still at least 7 million to catch up with the 360 while that one sells more in USA on a steady rate and the PS3 doesn't.

High price combined with no content on PS3 makes it like thin sh!t even going that fast down. Read my words.

Gamers can't stand the high quality games that'll arrive the coming months on the 360 and not on the PS3.

gooner4265d ago

someone who comes on a site to talk bad about a company 24hrs
would go on to make himself look idiotic even when facts face him

all because he cant afford a 600 euro console
you decidfe

tethered4265d ago

TheMART has tunnel vision.
He can only see positives for the 360 and negatives for the PS3.

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BIadestarX4265d ago

Define success?

As a gamer - does the 360 have any good games?

As a company - Were they able to succesfully introduce themselves into a market known to be one of the most difficult market to survived (Only room for 1-3 companies, unlike other markets).

As much as hate microsoft and wish it would fail, they are meeting both of those criterias; so where is the failure?

techie4265d ago

did you even read it? they come to the same conclusion as you. No wonder there's flaming..

BIadestarX4265d ago

I know, they did... I was talking mostly to what fanboys such as @DAverage were writing. Not to the person who wrote the article.

And as usual, 3 people disagree including yourself.. just for the sake of doing so. Damn, I'm I that famous?

PS360PCROCKS4265d ago

"We’ll have to track how well Microsoft fares by the end of this year to see if the software continues on an upward trend, especially with triple-A PS3 titles on the horizon." This quote sucks by the way...

Yea Deep their are some excellent games coming for the PS3, but this year for major major titles the 360 wins hands down. Next year is Sony's time to shine, if they can't deliver than Microsoft will grab a foot hold if they can deliver again like this year.

sajj3164265d ago

Its quite obvious that the PS3 does not have the titles to wooo the crowds in 07. Yes, I've heard all the arguments about price point. In all honesty, if the gamers are there, I'm sure the masses will 'work harder' to afford it (sorry Kutaragi-san).

For the PS3 line-up to compete with the 360 2nd year line-up is nonsense and as a PS fan and more importantly a 'gamer', I have no problem admitting that. In fact, I'm admitting something that is logical.

but ...

I also believe that 2nd and 3rd year PS3 titles will look and play marginally (high margins) better than 4th year 360 titles. Now, I'm not going to sit here and throw RAM, CPU, and bandwidth numbers at you. In all honesty, I don't know much about it. All I can comment on is potential. Its the potential I see in the hardware I bought. Yes, thats an opinion so quit knocking me for it and killing my bubbles (screw the bubbles).

So yes people, I'm content playing my God of War II in HD, Resident Evil 4, and Shadow of the Colossus until the PS3 games come out. And yes, I will be getting those games that the TheMart keeps listing every post.

techie4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

Are you absolutely kidding me? Killzone, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Little Big Planet, MGS4, Ratchet and Clank...dude those games are for the masses. Two of those will redefine gaming. COme one. Mass Effect, Bioshock and Halo3 are for the masses? They're for the hardcore not dissing the games, but to say that they are for the masses over the games I just listed is absurd.

I'm sure you realise that what you said was absurd. Price point I can swing with, but the "no exclusives for the masses"'ve lost me there. The PS3 competes with a line-up I and many people are excited about and I'm so surprised they are coming out in the first year of it's life.

Saj...I wasn't refering to cross-platform games...and if you think that's whats important to the average consumer who has no idea which looks better on which platform then OK. But what I'm saying is that the PS3 line-up THIS YEAR is amazing. I had no idea they would have these games when I started doing some researc and to me they are more wide-reaching to the average consumer. Of course the price-point holds it back. But in no way do 360 exclusives out shine the PS3's. They both have aces up their sleeve.

sajj3164265d ago

exclusives + third Party content bro. The sheer number of potential AAA titles that are first/second party coupled with the potential number of AAA titles from third party developers give the 360 an edge this year. Honestly, the third party stuff isn't really going in the favor of the PS3 currently and I don't blame lazy developers, just unedumacated ones about the PS3 architecture. I'm giving the 360 an edge this year just because of the lack of polish that third parties are giving to PS3 ports. I'm sure once all the developers get accustomed to the new EDGE toolset, things will be alot better. I am in no way saying that the PS3 games lack mass market appeal.

Do I think the 360 offers games that have mass market appeal. Nope, but having a 10 million userbase doesn't hurt and its enought to sell like Gears did. I think sales will cap off. I said ... "I think" since most of the Xbox 360 users I know are quote ... "hardcore gamers".

Deep, I only said this year mate.

PS360PCROCKS4265d ago

Agreed Sajj to pretty much everything you said, so bubbles for you. Deep man this year like Sajj said the sheer amount of games third and first party outshine what the PS3 has...Also if I have learned anything from next gen technology release dates don't mean anything.
"Killzone, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Little Big Planet, MGS4, Ratchet and Clank" Out of this list the only one I am certain will be this year is Heavenly Sword. Killzone is nowhere to be seen really, heard nothing about uncharted, MGS4, and little bits about Ratchet and Clank. I have no idea what little big planet is I totally went around that article a while back. Just keep in mind AAA titles take alot of resources and people to get them to shine. Look at Gears Of War, they were showing demo footage in early 2005, and playable game by October 2005 and the game came out in November of 2006. So we'll see that's why I say 360 wins hands down because most of those titles I believe will be 2008, most of the 360's are 2007 when they were supposed to be 2006

techie4265d ago

Dude times have changed after the flaming of Too Human. SOny are keeping their cards very close to them. From the insider info I know all those titles are out this year (MGS4 may push into 2008) also there's about 40 other exclusives out this year. And E3...Killzone, Uncharted, HS, 8 Days, MGS4, LBP, (2 originally 360 exclusives)...Uncharted out in the winter is confirmed. HS out in September confirmed. Ratchet out in Autumn confirmed. LBP out same time as HOME confirmed. Go look at the exclusives list on IGN...if they are listed as 2007...they're coming out 2007.

PS360PCROCKS4265d ago

Alright man I will let you keep your faith. But be warned that games get pushed back alot. Bioshock, Mass Effect, Forza, Alan Wake, Fable 2 just happens, look 3rd parties are already pushing games back like GRAW2 for PS3. We'll see but don't get too mad if it does happen.

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sajj3164265d ago

by a lifespan of 1+ years in the market. Success is not guaranteed because of previous success. Success is not even selling like hotcakes after release. I guess you know which machines I'm referring to.

Instant success does not lead to long-term success. Short-term failure might not lead to long-term failure.

Success is quite subjective and its not necessarily justified with profits.

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