Final Fantasy VII PS3 DLC moves 100,000 units

Sony Corp.'s U.S. game division on Tues. said that Square Enix Co.'s Final Fantasy VII for the Playstation Network division of the Playstation 3 is the No. 1 download content for the week.

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SpoonyRedMage3796d ago

How come no one's making a big deal about FFIV: The After Years kicking ass on the Wiiware?

saint_john_paul_ii3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

because FF VII was the game that made people care about RPGs in the first place. and so to see it sell this much in 2 weeks says alot.

it rings a bell at SE that people want a Remake

it rings a bell at sony that consumers want their PS1 fixes for the PSP.

Pennywise3796d ago

Ok Spoony... we will admit it. The wii is a gaming machine. Move on, nothing to see here.

SpoonyRedMage3796d ago

haha, no this isn't about the Wii pennywise it's about the fact that FFIV: The After Years is getting no attention!

Pennywise3796d ago

Spoony, you are a good sport. I like to tease the two or three Wii fans on N4G.

I just started picking because you brought up Wii in a PSN article.

PS360WII3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Shh we aren't allowed to acknowledge there are other Final Fantasies besides VII ;)

darthv723796d ago

Is it anything like FF3 on the SNES?


I always been a phantasy star fan myself but I will give cred to FF series. It is a series without a "final". Maybe SE should think up a new naming scheme for the series??

STK0263796d ago

well, maybe Sony or SE will be kind enough to give us the WW numbers in a few weeks. I'm pretty sure SE would reconsider their current PS3 support if this direct port of an over 10 years old game sells more than anything they have released so far this generation.

Gun_Senshi3796d ago


As well FF VI > FFVII

Kamikaze1353796d ago

Don't get me wrong, I love FFIV much more than VII, but you're basically paying 30 something bucks for the entire game, where FFVII is just one $10 fee. I find that stupid and don't see why SE felt that it was a must to sell an RPG in episodic form.

chaosatom3796d ago

i still need to buy FF7 on PSN.

Sarcasm3796d ago

FFVI is my favorite RPG of all time. Nothing beats the story, characters, and overall charm.

However, FFVII is a close second.

Jecht3796d ago

You sir are the most correct person in this post. You get a bubble. FFIV for the ultimate win. It is the grandaddy of FF's, and FFVII takes A LOT from it. My personal favorite FF game ever.

Tapewurm3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I was a pure Sega guy... Phantasy Star Series, Shining Force Series, and Panzer Dragoon Saga were, in my opinion, the best RPG's on the market and the only ones worth playing.....never messed with nintendo's machines and I had a Sega Saturn that I was very happy with when the Playstation launched....but, when I saw FF7 in action at my neighborhood Funcoland, I walked out of the store that day with a new PS1, Final Fantasy 7 and Rally Cross..... Final Fantasy 7 changed the way I had been thinking for years and luckily over the years I have had an opportunity to play the previous installments... all were great, but in my opinion, FF7 sits on the top of the heap as far as the Final Fantasy Series is concerned....My favorite RPGs of all time are FF7 and Panzer Dragoon Saga....followed by Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire for the PC..... these are my opinions and everyone has their right to like what they like.....but, just so we are clear... I am right :)

LazyDevs3796d ago

If FF7 was 5 bucks i would buy it for sure. Considering i still have it for my PS1.

gambare3796d ago

"LazyDevs - 2 hours ago
1.14 -
If FF7 was 5 bucks i would buy it for sure. Considering i still have it for my PS1. "

I spend $10 bucks on a snack and a smoke, I have it for my PS1 and I spend $45 back then but now I have it in my PS3 and my PSP, so.... what is stopping you from buying this baby is $5????

wanderofys3795d ago

I kind of know how you feel. Kind of. I bought The After Years, and I am enjoying it. FFIV was also my first FF, so I was pretty excited to get to play after the story. Fact is, the gameplay IS dated, and feels it. FFVII also has dated gameplay, but it's not AS dated. I still consider IV to be the overall better game, but there really is something special about VII, and it's really no surprise that it's getting all the publicity.

If I got the have things my way, they would make a next gen version of VI. VI was the best Final Fantasy, and I don't think they'll ever make another with the quality of it's story and characters.

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rockhoward3796d ago

Not a duplicate. The previous story doesn't have any of the unit sales stats issued by Sony.

Sony Rep3796d ago

And this is just NA. Hopefully, it hits a million. That'd be a quick ten million dollar profit for just a re release.

joemayo763796d ago

$10 million revenue as there are expenses to be paid

Solbadguy3796d ago

FFIV the after years on my Wii. It should be on the DSi. If it is then I'll think about it.

I like that I can take FFVII with me now on my PSP and still play it on the PS3. And for those who own more than 1 PSP, the 5 activations you get is great.

darthv723796d ago

I just picked up a second psp (2001 for $80). I tried using my 2gb mspro in it from my psp 1001 and the games I had dl to it wouldnt work. I am betting it is only coded to work with the psp that originally dl it????

I do need to get a bigger mspro. Can you just copy from one stick to the other and play the game so long as it is in the original psp?

Da One3796d ago

You have to activate the other psp under your psn account, without it being activated it'll just give the error message telling you to do so

mrv3213796d ago

Why don't square just re-release them all, that would earn you quite a bit of money... in fact why don't more devs re-release more games on PSN/XBL as a side project like Burnouts, older socoms... and anything else. I wasn't much of a gamer 'till PS3 so I can't say much.

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The story is too old to be commented.