PSU: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Review

It's not difficult to see why the Monster Hunter series has become the leading PSP franchise in Japan. Offering gamers the chance to hook up together on quests to hunt ferocious monsters and search for hidden treasures across an appealing fantasy game world, this action RPG possesses many of same addictive qualities that have made other role playing games, such as the Final Fantasy titles, so popular. High praise has been lauded on the latest game in the series, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, after it became the top selling game in the Land of The Rising Sun last year, besting the likes of Pokémon Platinum and Wii Fit. In the U.S. and Europe, though, Monster Hunter faces a very different type of audience. Will it appeal to the taste of Western players?

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Myst3794d ago

Well sadly I couldn't get this game today, but come 10:30 tomorrow hopefully my paycheck will be ready and I'll be able to get this game as well as put some money down on Dissidia.

Darkseider3794d ago

UMD is sitting in my drive doing the install now on a fresh 4 Gig stick with my NHF2 save moved over. Then when done will fire up the PS3 and start Ad Hoc Party and go whack some critters.