Ghostbusters Artist Gets The Shaft

TGH writes:
"This one kinda hits it close to home. It's not uncommon for an artist to get the short end of the stick in the industry. But, every time it does happen, it's really disappointing. The latest in such situations deals with the recently released "Ghostbusters" on the Wii. If you hadn't noticed, it uses a stylized take on the famed characters instead of trying to replicate the look of the HD versions of the game. The Wii's style was inspired by an independent artist by the name of Dan Schoening. His Ghostbusters renditions laid the foundation for the Wii's stylized look. If you take a look at some of his original work, you'll see the inspirations all throughout his pieces, and personally I feel his work is miles better than the final look they settled on for the game. Below are his words posted from his deviantART blog about the whole matter of not getting recognized… all he wanted was his name in the games credits! Also..."

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bitboi3794d ago

was giving him a name credit too much? jeez...

gameplayingfool3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Everything with Ghostbusters: TVG keeps getting worse and I'm a big fan!

bitboi3794d ago

im a big fan too, but they could have given him a credit. especially since he didn't ask for money. Being an artist myself, this type of mess makes me mad!

LostChild3794d ago

Same here. A least give me credit and that's all I ask for. But I been down this road before, PSN would have problably been named something else if I hadn't given the idea on what to name it and the Home feature may have never came to light. Even some of the features in some of todays game may not have been made. But it's all cool.

Scroll down to Agent19XS to see what I am talking about.

Guitardr853794d ago

If they actually did use his art to work off of under the understanding that Dan would get credit and then they decide not to...Isn't that illegal?

jsoncip383794d ago

If it's not illegal its still kind of a messed up thing to do. At the same time - there may have been no malicious intent here - and someone may have just forgotten?

v1c1ous3794d ago

they did use his art as a BASE, but not the actual art.

he should have been recognized mentioned, maybe someone forgot cause honestly...maybe it's not that big a deal?

The Lazy One3794d ago

they just forgot.

I mean games get developed for years at a time. They more than likely only heard his name for an hour at the beginning of early development then just worked off the concept art they based off his art.

He should have gotten it in writing, because it's kind of naive to think that someone in this industry is going to remember you after seeing a little bit of your art 3-4 years ago.

If he had been emailing them periodically, then I could see him being more disappointed.

Christopher3794d ago

But his artwork stands on its own. Those are some beautiful renditions of the Ghostbusters story and would love to see an animated movie done in that style.

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