Microsoft: No Internal HD-DVD Planned

Cesar Menedez says that rumors of an internal HD-DVD for the Xbox 360 are not true.

"Saw a few stories online about an Xbox 360 with a built-in HD DVD drive: not true. We have no plans to release an Xbox 360 with an internal HD DVD. What we showcased at E3 was an external HD DVD drive, and we're sticking with that. We've always had a games-first emphasis with the Xbox, but some consumers can build on the platform - like by adding a Windows Media Center Edition PC. By keeping the drive external, we're offering consumers a choice in creating their own hi-def experiences. So: no plans for an internal HD DVD."

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OutLaw5808d ago (Edited 5808d ago )

I felt giving us the choice to add-on the external HD DVD drive would be the best thing for the 360. That way it doesn't look like Sony was correct and MS was following in their footsteps.

Marriot VP5808d ago

good news, I'd have to strangle peter moore and rip off his tatoos if they were gonna cheat us 360 owners. Also to note most people don't want High Def movies, and not for years.

That's why it's OPTIONAL, that's the beauty of it. Making an internal one would soil their vision, lol.

shotty5808d ago

By the time HD movies catch on we will be going into the next xbox. That would obviously include the HD drive.

The Real Deal5805d ago

Will it be 1080 p output for movies
WIll it have hdmi as an option
And what is the release date. I want one.

p.s. i don't want everyone guessing what Microsoft will do or not due. lol...I just stated what I want to know from Microsoft.

PS360PCROCKS5805d ago

this is a damn good thing

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