Evil Avatar: Prototype Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Prototype has had a bit of a rough time since release. The game has received mixed reviews from critics despite garnering high scores from most. The title is from the developers of such open-world releases as Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Scarface. Radical have clearly held the former title in high regard as this new game can be fairly described as a spiritual successor to the The Green Scar's greatest gaming achievement. That is in no way a knock on Prototype – it improves on that game's formula in almost every way and delivers a wonderful free roam experience. Things aren't quite perfect however."

The Good

* Great powers that recall the best of Hulk: Ultimate Destruction alongside new, unique abilities that foster experimentation.
* Multi-layered story that twists and turns throughout. It may be a little cliché but Prototype's story is always a fun ride.
* Some of the most fun you'll ever have while free-roaming in an open-world environment.
* The combination of these things make the familiar missions far more enjoyable that they would be in a tamer game.

The Bad

* The lock-on system doesn't always quite get things right – probably confused by the number of enemies and innocents on the screen.
* This isn't the prettiest game on the market and looks a little outdated when compared to competitors.
* The giant tentacle boss fight sucks.

The Ugly

* Not being able to drive cars feels eternally dumb when you can be anyone and drive everything else.

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