Extras in Tales of VS. For PS3 Owners Revealed

The official website for Tales of VS. has been updated today with a new video, as well as some information about the previously mentioned connectivity between the PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation 3. The game will pit the various Tales of characters in a fighting free-for-all, using their well-known Artes, locations from the different games, and even items from the various games, as well as each character's unique Mystic Arte.

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Kyll3799d ago

Where's my Zune integration for the 360? xD

Simon_Brezhnev3799d ago

another fighting game im getting this year :)

mastiffchild3799d ago

If you hope for a western release of this on PS3 then this year us very unlikely.

So far they haven't even confirmed it will EVER come to the west-and by the 360 figures they might well not bother again. I had hoped that with the region free nature of PS3 games that they might just put subs on the Japanese games so we always had a chance to play them(would it be possible to patch in subtitles?)-it might also build games like Yakuza 3's profile in the west leading to a bigger release and more money for the devs, no?

Honestly I don't feel either Sony or the devs make enough use of the region free feature-it would cut down localisation costs and test to see if there's a market for games in different territories wouldn't it? Most people I know that like Japanese games generally like the Japanese voicework with subs over English VO's dubbed in anyway!

himdeel3799d ago

...they don't use the region free access for PS3 games enough. Many of these JP games would get worldwide purchases if they added multiple language sub titles and english language menu options etc in game. I couldn't foresee localization wouldn't be an issue then.

FarEastOrient3799d ago

Funny thing about saying that Tales of Vesperia Complete not coming to the states because of sales is a joke. Valkyria Chronicles has outsold all the JRPGs that was released on the Xbox 360 including the I actually did like but didn't feel complete Star Ocean IV.

bankai3799d ago

i am indeed a fan of the Tales series
i have all the games including the ones that didnt come here (well except for the wii and DS ones)
so this news has me looking forward to them both just a little bit more ^_^

Redempteur3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

jump ultimate stars being a smash bros clone was a great game ...

you can't just copy smash bros but now namco are adding their own stuff IN the game as well
SO you can't be sure the game is going to suck until you try it ..

bankai3798d ago

lol and i agree with you yet again