Fuel: Graphics comparison

PCGH wrote down the specs of Fuel and compared minimal and maximal graphics settings.

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Spike473795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

something else >_>

Greywulf3795d ago


(hordes of fanboys turn and move to another article)

Have you played fuel? is there a demo? the reviews haven't been too spectacular.

Jinxstar3795d ago

When it was coming out everyone was excited "Biggest open world EVA!!!1"

I said "Don't get your hopes up. Could be a world full of nothing"... I was right. The game is a rental.

iHEARTboobs3795d ago

I saw some gameplay vids and it looked ok. The biggest open world ever thing sounded good but from the vids the game doesn't really seem all that cool. Especially after playing Motorstorm 2. Demos are always appreciated though.

Greywulf3795d ago

It keeps track of the idiots in their hype threads.

Fuel almost set the internet on fire with people saying that this was better than Motorstorm. Same with Pure... and both sucked. Yet the people pretending it was better have all but disappeared.

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Nova-Black-Fox3795d ago

hey is this even needed, hey lets compare graphics of a game with high and low settings. i wonder which looks better

FantasyStar3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

PC gamers like to know how well a game scales from low settings to high settings. Usually a good dev will scale a game so well that even low settings are playable on '01 Rigs. If there's little difference between low/high settings then that PC dev(Codemasters) has failed in developing a PC game that can scale with multiple set-ups.

Also, doing comparisons between screenshots with 4x MSAA, or 16xAF helps as well as knowing the benchrig specs informs readers what cards scale well and what doesn't. As well as knowing how effective AA/AF is in a game. For example, Dead Space had 2x AA and it's still aliased out the wazoo on PC while 2x AA in CoD:WaW looks crisp by comparison.

With PC Game graphics setting comparisons: it usually falls in the "good to know" category. No one is out for blood like it is when it comes to PS3/360 comparisons where fanboys are at the mark, ready to fire at each other. One of the few things I like about the PC Gaming world is that when it comes to the games: we're all in the same boat. Sure there are hardware fanboys like Intel vs. AMD vs. Corsair vs. Patriots: but that's a different spectrum of the PC world.

Perjoss3795d ago

i read this today:


very nice read, I think im going to pick up the PC version later this week, just for the free roam aspect alone, only thing that's going to stop me enjoying this is if the vehicles handle really badly.

BigPete79783795d ago

I've been thinking about picking it up on my PS3. Not sure if I should or not. I don't typically rent games, I usually just buy them. But I've heard mixed things about this one. Anyone got it on PS3?

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